Singapore 2012: Part 1 of Day 2: Universal Studios
I don’t know anyone who hasn't dream of going to Universal Studios. I've been to Singapore 3 times and this was the only time that I have paid a visit this wonderful amusement park. Our Day 2 started early. We were done preparing and eating our mini breakfast as early as 830 in the morning. We arrived at the park before 10am. Haha.. Abang sa opening! Of course, we can't afford to lose a chance of trying every ride we see. We had a lot of pictures at the famous Universal Studios globe! Haha. We had a hard time capturing the whole "Universal" word and the place is getting a bit crowded. Dati sa picture ko lang yan nakikita, ngayon may picture na ako nian :p.
Near the entrance was the Hollywood. While roaming around the area, we saw a queue for Disney Character picture taking. Haha. The first star we spotted: Di ko kilala :p

Next was Po of Kung Fu Panda. Cuteness overload!!!
Since we haven't had a decent breakfast, everybody decided to have an early lunch before exploring the entire place. We asked several Filipinos who were working there where we can eat. There were a few food stalls inside and mostly sells snacks. And while looking for a place to eat, I just took photos of different spots in the area.
One of them pointed us to the Discovery Food Court at the Lost World area. It wasn't open then but the manager or head waiter (not sure) told us that we can wait inside the place.
The crews are still having a morning briefing before opening. Hihi.
Boyps and I had Laksa + Balls + Jelly lychee for lunch. The laksa was really delicious, flavorful and tangy. The coconut milk taste was very evident. Super sarap talaga! We ordered 2 huge sodas for more sugar as we really need energy for our whole day activity. Haha.
 These balls were just okay. It looks like a squid ball inside. Its sauce was a bit spicy.
My lychee jelly!
After lunch, we continued walking, sight-seeing and picture taking. 
Tip: You might want to get the schedule of the shows if you plan to catch them so you can manage your time. Take note of its location to avoid getting lost.
First stop: Far Far Away. It's Shrek's world. We watched a 4d short film. It was fun and full of surprises. Hihi. I thought it was boring after entering because there were just displays and puppets telling stories. But after that short story telling, doors opened for the main show. It was a huge movie house with no marks with what was about to happen. Haha. Moving chairs + 3D film + props made us enjoy so much! It was indeed a good start.
After film watching, next stop was the King Julien's Beach Party Go Round. Yes, we rode a carousel. Haha. It was as if we were kids again. Explore Madagascar area to try this ride.
 We spotted the Madagascar casts too but sadly, I don't have photos with them. :(
Madagascar. Not much excitement in this ride but still not boring. It was like riding in a boat with attractions along the way. If you've seen the movie, you'll be seeing packaging boxes where animals were placed. It was a bit exciting near the exit because there was a fountain in our way and it's not stopping! But not until we were close enough in it and it stopped. Haha. So we're safe. Hihi.
Lights, Camera, Action. This was such a great attraction at New York area. It showed what is usually seen in a Steven Spielberg film - winds, typhoons, burning buildings and a lot more. It's more of an experience of what it feels like to be part of a movie – water splashes and moving platforms, heat from fire. Suspense it is. Hihi.
More pictures inside the theme park. Picture lang ng picture habang naghahanap ng susunod na pupuntahan :p
Only friend's hubby bravely rode on this. The blue track is different from the red. The blue track leaves your feet floating while the red gives you a much comfy seating. 
 These cute guys performed too. Cool.
Treasure Hunters This was the most boring ride we have ever tried considering that we lined up for more than 30 minutes. We rode this dessert type vehicle and it roam around its track. There were attractions but it weren't attractive. Haha. Boring is all I can say. If you want to try this, go visit the Ancient Egypt section.
 The only consolation was this. Parang tanaw ko Disneyland :p
Before heading to our next stop, we bought nachos. It was crispy and tasty and the cheese was generously served.
Canopy Flyer. This was I guess the most extreme ride we had. Haha. It was like a mini rollercoaster ride minus the ups and downs and the loops. I was excited and frightened at the same time since we are seated backwards and we are not seeing the track. This attraction can be found in the Lost World section of the park.
Another kiddie ride we tried was the Dino-Soarin. This allowed us to control the flight of the creature - we go up and down. Haha.
Transformers. We passed by the Sci-Fi City more than once but we all decided to make this our finale. Super fun fun fun ride! I really had fun here. We even tried to figure out how everything was done. The place looks so small but the moment the "car" moved, it was as if the setting was big. This was the coolest ride ever! Hahahaha. It was actually like Shrek 4D but this one was more extreme. The car moves almost everywhere. Nicely done effects. Perfect. We went back here 3 times if I remember it right. I super love Bee! :D

Pogi ni Bee
I initially thought that it would take us until the closing the time of the park to tour the place but it didn't. We are already done by 4pm. We bought some souvenirs and chocolates before leaving the place. I'm just so happy that rides can accommodate huge number of passengers per batch - less queues, more tours. Off to our next stop – see my next Singapore post. :)

Universal Studios 

Outback Steakhouse

FTFBadge My friend and I bought an Outback voucher at Deal Grocer for only 380+ for a 600+ worth of food purchase. We are supposed to use it on a same day but unfortunately, I had a problem downloading the voucher because the site was down (I was trying to download it on the day we are supposed to use it). I was really sad that day but it just so happen too that my Red Mango voucher will expire the next day so Boyps and I just used my Red Mango voucher instead of Outback.
Days before the voucher expires, Boyps and I went to Glorietta 4 to finally avail it. It was actually one of the best "date night" of me and Boyps. Hihi. Bihira kasi kaming mag date ng gabi at sa sosyal pa:p
The place was not jam-packed with guests. The lights are dimmed, the sounds so low. It was such a perfect setting for a dinner date.
We were immediately assisted by a waitress after we're seated. She was really nice and very accommodating. She always checks us if we need something, if the food was okay and if we were comfortable. That experience was a first.
Here’s what we got that night:
Complimentary bread – I super liked it. It was soft and moist inside and crunchy on the outside. It actually tasted good even without the cream cheese. But it would taste much much better with it.
Potato soup  – another good dish that would surely sooth your throat and tummy. It was thick and creamy, perfectly salted potato soup. We just added a certain amount to avail this.
Chicken and Rib combo (Php 999)– it's a combination of chicken fillet and ribs with mashed potato side. The mashed potato was tasty even without gravy. The chicken was tender and it has a strong smoky flavor. (chura pa lang panalo na). The ribs, ooohhh so yummy! The meat was soft. The sauce so sweet and salty. The barbeque sauce just goes perfectly with it. Grabe super sarap talaga.
Typhoon Burger (Php 429) – this was another hit! Boyps wanted some burger because the pictures in the menu were really tempting. And so we got one. ¼ pound patty sandwiched with buns and cheesses and veggies and onion rings. What I like about this dish is that, the onion rings are breaded then fried. It also has fries on the side. Carbo carbo carbo! Pero super sarap! Winner!
I know I sounded so exaggerated in this post. It's just that I super duper mega to the max enjoyed this dining experience that I wanted to go back the next day after this happened. Hahaha. I even wanted to avail their card with freebies. Haha. 
We spent Php1000+ more (excluding the voucher) but it was definitely worth it. Imagine Boyps giving a P50 tip? That was another first. It just showed that he liked it as much as I did. Boyps, friend, balik tayo :p

Outback Steakhouse
Ground Level, Glorietta 4
Ayala Center
Makati City