Salcedo Market

As usual, it's been months since this food trip happened. We've been hearing craze about different night markets / food markets that have sprouted here and everywhere. Boyps and I prefer to have dates when the sun is up so we can both go home early before late night. We were just so happy to know that there is a market that is open in the morning. 
We  arrived at Salcedo Market past 12 in the afternoon. Some of the shops were already cleaning up and closing their shops but there were still some who were lively and busy serving customers.
Salcedo Market offers almost everything. There are shops that sells fresh fruits, vegetables and seafoods, fresh flowers,  dried goods,  processed foods, native delicacies, and other products like pots, bags, wallets and a lot more. Of course, there are also a lot of food choices to make your gastronomic adventure a success.
Potdog - Boyps favorite :p It's close to be like waffle because it also has a jumbo hotdog inside. It's just that the coating is different from the usual waffle (pancake) mix.
Cantonese Dimsum (CHR Siomai) - we bought pork siomai in this cart. Nothing special but it was still a good try.
Hachibi Takoyaki (Php 50) - This looks appetizing but we both didn't like this. The octopus is just so small that you won't even notice that it has one.
Taqueria Mia - the burrito is plain and quite bland. It was jam-packed though but it really lacks flavor.
Canalonese Spinach by La Cuisine Francaise (Php 330) - We both got excited when we saw this store as they were selling a variety of pasta dishes. Out of curiosity and excitement, we bought one without asking for the price and we just got shocked when we paid 330 for a slice of lasagna :p. It was sulit though, big and tasty.

We also had empanada but I forgot to take a picture of it. We enjoyed our first ever food market adventure. There are really a lot of stalls to choose from. It has a variety of everything. It was such a good experience and I just hope that I'll also experience to become one of the sellers in any food markets in town. :)

Open every Saturday from 7 a.m to 2 p.m.

Salcedo Weekend Market
L.P Leviste St. Jaime Velazques Park
Salcedo Village,
Makati City