Game Night with Girlfriends at Solaire

My friends and I have been so busy this week. Work schedules, hectic deadlines, working hour extensions and the likes. So our usual stress buster is eating and walking away from our office. Either we do window shopping at Mall of Asia or drink milk teas. But lately, we level up a bit. We are having lunch at SnR (level up na to sakin :p) and just recently, lunch at Solaire. We were supposed to go to SnR because it is on sale but the queue to the entrance is too long. Sorry pero di kami pipila dian. So what we did is to just have lunch at Solaire. But of course, we just ate at the casino’s food court. Haha
Rotisserie Chicken (P230) with two scoops of mashed potato and bread. 
It's the mashed potato that I love :)
After eating, we tried playing on one of those slot machines. Super daming slot machines dun, di ka mauubusan. Even though I’ve been to Macau already, this is my first time to play in a casino and try slot machine. First times are really memorable and quite funny. We are trying to insert P20 bill but the machine is not accepting. Here’s our conversation:
Blooper #1:
Me: Tara try natin, may P20 pesos ako (habang shino-shoot sa machine). Hala ayaw tanggapin. baka dahil bago ung pera
Lareina: Teka may luma akong P20, eto try mo
Me: (shoot uli) ayaw talaga e
Mel: Pa-assist na tau. Mag tanong na tayo
Solaire Girl: Ma’am, the machine only accepts P100, P500 and P1000 bills. (not sure kung kasama P200 di ko maalala)
Bwaha. Tawa na lang kaming lahat =))

I spent P100 and won P80 but we didn’t cash it out but instead played until it’s gone. Bwaha. It was fun playing but it’s really a game of luck (well lahat naman ng sugal) Pero kasi di namin alam na panalo kami unless mag blink ung monitor. Haha. Daming combinations na pwede e. basta nadadagdagan pera namin, pwede na :)

The next day, we decided to go back in SnR and check if we will be successful this time. And yes we are! Shopping shopping din pag may time. But I just bought my ever favorite Friday’s Potato skins. Hihi. Enough of our SnR experience and let’s go back to Solaire. Just after SnR, we went back to the office to get our stuffs and off we go again to Solaire. Bwaha (di kami addicted, we are just having fun :)

We had dinner first at McDonalds (all of us got P50 meal, saving for casino :p) then went straight to Solaire. Solaire’s lobby is so grand. Actually, the entire place is so grand. From chandeliers to lightings to carpets and elevators. Hahaha. Lahat grand

Food Court ceiling
Cocktail Drinks Bar
So before we start with our agenda, we applied for a membership card. It’s free. I just brought a government issued ID, filled up a form and submit. If you have a friend that is already a member, present his/her card so he/she can get a P200 food and drinks voucher as a referral reward. Note: The owner of the card should be present too and has been a member for at least 24 hours. 

After roaming around and checking the place, we learned a few things on how to play games. There are tables with bankers and the game is called Baccarat. For me it’s the sosyal version of Lucky 9. Banker vs. Player. Whoever has the higher number wins. But the game is, the player will bet to whom he thinks will win – is it the player or the banker? Minimum bet ranges from P500 – P2000. Dun sa 1 table na tinayuan namin, wagas makapusta. P5000 agad agad. Bwahaha. Di ko maintindihan naramadaman ko nun. Maiyak iyak na ewan. Bwaha. I work so hard to earn money and I just can’t let go of it that easy. Haha. But of course, it’s not their fault to be rich and to have huge money (I assume extra money) to gamble.

I brought P500 that I will be using to play so in short, I was not able to try Baccarat because I can’t afford to lose it in just one game. Gusto ko naman mag enjoy kahit papano. Bwaha. So Lareina brought me to where she played the last time she went there.  I don’t know the name but it’s a dice game. The gamer will roll (may machine na taga alog.. sosyal much) 3 dices, and the players can guess if it’s even or odd, small (sum 1-10) or big (11-18), dice combination, sum of 3 dices, any triple and more. Haha. Inside bets cost P50 and the big/small costs P300. Dun ako palagi sa big/small.
Tip: P300 is big right? So if you want to bet on big/small, wait for someone to place P300 and put your bet on top. Honest naman yung mga players, ibibigay nila sayo ung bet + winnings mo. Dito sa game na to, ang P50 pede maging P6000. Hahaha
Blooper #2: Unang bet ko sa big/small P100. Hindi ko alam na pedeng magpatong sa bet ng iba :p

It was such a fun experience. I told myself to spend P500 only and once it is doubled or gone, I’ll stop. Inferness, achieved ko doubled. Hahaha Lucky on my first game night. ;) I don’t have any plans to turn this “playtime” into a habit. Mahal na bisyo ito. Hahaha

Before heading home, we decided to spend all the food vouchers we got from referrals. We have P800 coupon value to use at the food court and this is what we got. 

 Cheezy Fries - generous cheese sauce! yummy!
 Chili 'n Nachos - cheese, tomatoes, onions, jalapeno and ground meat! 
- super yummy too!

 Pizza - Four cheese and Pepperoni - not so yummy. Hihi

Good food + elite friends + funny conversation = AMAZING AND HILARIOUS NIGHT. 

Let’s do this again girls (mag pramis ka Manne na sasama ka na next time) ;)

Solaire Resort and Casino Hotel
#1 Asean Ave.
Entertainment City
Tambo, Paranaque City


  1. Natawa ako sa slot machine. Ginawa niyong vendo! =)) Sabi mo isasama mo ko diyan di ba? Sasama ako para sa cheesy fries!!! :p

    1. ahahaha =)) tara!!! tas refer ko kayo para may instant 400 na tayo =)) libre na ang food. bwaha.. mag casino na din tayo :p

  2. I praaaamisssss... pgdadamitin ko na ng maayos yung driver ko, hndi kase prepare pero gustong gusto nun...

    1. hahaha.. maka driver ka naman manne =))) sayang.. next time :p bukas na uli :p ahahaha