Burrito at Mexican Express
Mexican Express is one of my favorite stalls in University Mall. I had my first burrito experience here and it satisfied me so well. It’s made up of Mexican rice, chicken or beef strips, onions, tomatoes, jalapeno and cheese wrapped in a tortilla. Unlike other burritos, theirs is not messy to eat. It was wrapped in such a way that nothing will fall each time you bite. The 1st time I tried this, I ordered their Super Chicken Burrito and I got so full that I gave Boyps some of it. On my 2nd try, I decided to have regular Beef Burrito and I ended up asking for more. Hehe. J
Super Chicken Burrito (Php110)
Beef Burrito (Php90)

Mexican Express
2nd Flr. University Mall
Taft Manila


I used to accompany Boyps when he's having dinner on a weekday. Most of the time, we just stroll along Taft to find a place where to dine in. University Mall is the best for me. It has just gone through renovation so most of the stalls are new.
Cerealicious has opened and we got surprised when we saw their menu board. Aside from cereals, I just knew that they are also offering pasta and rice meals. Here's what we got:
Chicken Pesto Pasta (Php 75) - Yummy! The chicken is crunchy and tasty. It's the chicken that gave a better taste to the   pasta.
Creamy Chicken Casserole (Php 135) -It's creamy! Haha. It has carrots, peas, chunks of chicken and rice crispies. It tastes like "ala king baked rice" of Greenwich but this one is not baked.
The Hurt Loacker (Php50) - Snow milk mixed with Milo cereal then topped with M&Ms and Loacker Chocolate wafer. Who says that cereals are just for breakfast? :p

If you're looking for a place that serves good food for a cheap price, Go try Cerealicious pasta and rice meals. And oh, don't forget to grab a cup of cereals.  J

University Mall
Taft Manila

Malcolm's Burger
I had another food trip with Boyps but this time, it’s on a weekday. He was hungry, I was full. But we still decided to try Malcolm’s Burger for dinner. We always pass through this store and really wanted to try it but Boyps had doubts because he didn't see much people eating inside. Not until the day we finally did! We saw 7 customers inside the store. Haha! Btw, the place is small that it can only accommodate 12-16 persons (I think). Here's what we had: 

Potato Chips (Php35). It's thin and crispy but we didn't like the taste. Boyps said “lasang mantika”   or “maanta” (not sure if that's the correct word to describe it).
Cowhand’s Burger for me (Php95). At first bite, it tasted like Jollibee’s patty. Boyps said that it’s just normal. But after my 2nd or 3rd bite, I started to like it.
Malcolm’s Classic for Boyps (Php120). This one is better. I like this more. Hehe.
I don't know what's the difference between the two but the waitress said that Cowhand's Burger uses "seasoned patties" while the Malcolm's Classic is just made up of pure wagyu beef. But it's just weird because they expected Cowhand's to be more flavorful than Malcolm's Classic. But for me, it's the other way around. 

Malcolm's Burger 
Taft Manila

Tea, Tea and Tea
I hate teas . I hate its bitter taste. But ever since I tried Tea Central, I started to like it. Boyps and I always try shops that sell Teas or Milk Teas. We’ve already tried Serenitea, Tea Central, Cha Time, Tea Delite and Happy Lemon. But among all these, it’s only Serenitea that I didn’t like much. Or maybe I just ordered the wrong drink.

Anyways, here are some teas that we’ve already tried:
Chatime Roasted Milk Tea with Pearls
 Matcha Red Bean Milk Tea
Matcha Latte with Pearls
Tea Central's Caramel Milk Tea (not sure :-|)
Nai Cha
I like all these! Haha. They are all delicious – not too sweet, not too bitter.  Try Tea Central, it's the best! It's price is also cheaper than Cha Time. :)

BTW. You can add pearls, grass jelly, nata, red beans etc. to add flavor to your drinks. Sweetness or sugar level of your tea can also be adjusted from normal to 0 sugar.

Tea Central
The Student's Place
Taft Manila

Cha Time
Landmark, Makati City

Tea Delite
Inside DLSU  
Taft Manila