Taiwan Adventure: Day 4 - Chillax
Another day and our last day (as we know it) in Taiwan, we wanted to have something for breakfast aside from the food served in the hotel’s buffet menu. We started our day with McDonalds’ Sausage Muffin Sandwich. I could say that our version tastes better. Hehe.
We went to the airport for our flight back to Manila, without knowing that the plane has already flown. We both didn’t check the time. We thought that the 1:?? time is an afternoon flight. We forgot that Cebu Pacific is using military time thus the 1:?? is a morning flight. We were both nervous and quite panicky. Good thing my ever reliable credit card is on hand and it saved our day. Haha. We used the computer to book another flight and pay a dollar for the printed itinerary.

The day was long for the two of us. But we both decided to stay in the airport and wait for our flight on the next day. To kill time, we strolled around the stores, watched a movie using Boyps' PSP and eat.

For lunch, here’s what we had:
And hello Burger King for dinner:
Glad that I was able to try 3 food chains in Taiwan that we also have here in the Philippines. :p

I was a bit sad because we wasted some money but I must say that I also had a great time just bonding with Boyps. I can’t wait for our next out of the country adventure. J
Taiwan Adventure: Day 3 - Steady Mode
Our 3rd day was a steady mode day. I got injured. My right foot hurts so much that I had difficulty to walk. I think it is because of the coldness and my clothes are not so proper for the weather. I wasn’t prepared. I had to buy another jacket and stockings just to add to my clothing. I just brought short shorts and shirts by the way. Hehe. 

Our first stop – The Longshan Temple. Just like the usual, the area is composed of many structures; all temple – like. I think this is the temple with most display within and outside the area. After taking pictures, we headed to our next destination.
 To get here: Take MRT and alight at Longshan Temple

Next stop is the Chang Kai-shek Memorial
The National Theater
This is the simplest yet most beautiful architecture I’ve seen in Taipei. The pillars look so white and clean. I like the blue and white colors of the building. I’ve seen a statue inside but I don’t know whose figure was that. But I think it is Chiang Kai-shek’s statue. It has 2 buildings on the side, the theater and the concert hall. 
That's me wearing my cute hat and Boyps sitting on the side :p
To get here: Take MRT at alight at CKS Memorial Station. 

We were both hungry and lost. We had difficulty locating our third stop for the day - Modern Toilet
As shown in the interior, the place is like a very very big bathroom with plenty of toilet bowls and bath tubs. haha. Instead of the usual table and chairs, they use toilet bowls as seats and bath tubs as tables.
 Cute isn't it? :D
Here is where we’re going to eat lunch. After 30 minutes of walking, we finally found Modern Toilet. This restaurant used toilet shaped bowl as their plates and a squat toilet for their ice cream. It was so cute and truly unique. Pardon me but I really can’t remember what we ordered for lunch. All I know is that, I wasn’t able to eat everything because the serving is so huge. Haha.
Our meal already includes a dessert - choco vanilla ice cream. Served like a .. .. nevermind :p
Wash area: Their sink looks like this:
Modern Toilet has been featured in Korina’s show (Rated K) and ever since then, I told myself that I should one day try this place. So dining here is a dream come true. I hope we’ll have one here in the Philippines too.
To get here: From Ximen MRT station, walk straight to Starbucks then turn left on the 3rd street (not sure if I remember this right)

After filling our tummies, our adventure continues at the National Palace Museum. We didn’t enter the museum; we went to the park on the side instead. There’s no attraction in this place. If you want to be close to nature, then this place is for you. Aside of trees and bridges, you can also see an ostrich and fish pond with plenty of koi (coy). 

Next stop is Beitou. It was Boyps who is really excited to visit the place as this is where the Hot Springs are located. But unfortunately, we arrived late and the place is getting dark. Barely few people are walking that’s why we decided not to proceed. Before we go to our 2nd to last stop, we bought a snack and pardon me again, I forgot its name. But it looks like an omelette / pancake.
To get here: Take MRT and alight at Xinbeitou

More than 30 minutes travel time from Beitou, we arrived at Fisherman’s Wharf. Our travel took longer that our stay here. It’s really dark in here and very people around the place. We just take a couple of pictures and wait for the next bus to arrive and go to our last stop for the day.
To get here: Take MRT and alight at Danshui station. Then take bus #26. It’s the last stop of the bus.

My right foot is getting worst and I’m really feeling the pain but I still didn’t care and conquer the famous Shilin Night Market. I have a very few photos here because the place is really crowded. Here is where you can find a lot of street foods, tiangge (stalls that sells clothes and other stuffs), Taipei’s signature dishes and pasalubong shops and a lot more. Boyps and I just enjoyed the night. We bought a lot of foods like Takoyaki (biggest and most delicious I’ve ever tasted), salad, and others that I cannot remember. This is also where I bought the best tasting mochi – a sticky ball with yummy filling inside.  The filling also comes with different variations.
 Biggest and Yummiest ever! :p
To get here: Take MRT and alight at Jiantan station.

Our adventure should have ended on this day. But unfortunately, Boyps and I missed our flight. :( We are supposed to fly back to Manila 1 AM but we both mistakenly thought that it was 1 pm :( Watch out for my Day 4 post - mga batang tambay ng airport.