Arcade Unlimited
Boyps and I have always been addicted to playing arcade games. Few months ago, we concentrated on playing "Price Cube" game, where in you have to shoot a steel bar in a cylindrical hole to push the price using 1st button (move the bar upward) and 2nd button (move the bar sideward). Lately, we now play the "Pick-a-Price" game (I'm not sure of the name), where all toys were just scattered, control the joystick, press the button then it will grab the price.  Just tonight, I saw all the toys that we got! Sometimes, we can't help but spend hundreds just to get atleast 1 toy. :p
Pick-a-Price (from SM malls / Robinsons Manila)
Price Cube (from Trinoma and Megamall)

Token Price for Pick-a-Price: Php5.00
Token Price for Price Cube: Php10.00 (Timezone - Php14.00+)
Boyps and I are always (or most of the time) having a hard time waiting for a bus ride going to Buendia. FTFBadgeWe usually leave the office around 6-630 in the evening just in time for a late merienda or early
dinner. One time, there are lots of commuters waiting for a bus but few buses came. So instead of waiting for minutes, we have just decided to try another restaurant in the Ayala Triangle. My friend said that we should try CBD because they really serve delicious burgers. Here’s what we ordered.

Onion Rings Php 80 – the onion is sweet; the breading is crispy and not oily. It’s best eaten with ketchup and mayo.
CBD Cheeseburger (mine) Php 155 –. It’s tasty! It has cheese, tomatoes, and green veggie. It is also served with chips (can't remember if it's a potato, wanton wrapper or something else :|) With its taste and smell, I can really say that it was grilled (lasang inihaw talaga). 
CBD Jalapeño Burger (Boyps) Php 170 – It’s yummy as well. Just like in Malcolm’s, we didn’t recognize the difference between the 2 burgers except that this has slices of jalapeño. It wasn't spicy though.
We didn’t find anything special with the burgers but we still liked it. J Both are oily and that’s totally the reason why it’s delicious. J After this, we went back to the loading station and thank goodness, we are able to ride without even running towards the bus :p

CBD (Cheesesteaks, Burgers and Drinks)
Ayala Triangle Gardens

Krazy Garlik
I've been reading good reviews about this restaurant that’s why I told Boyps that we should try this out. With nothing much to say, here’s what we got: 

Krazy Garlik Salad – Php245+ - This is so unique (for me)! It’s not a typical lettuce – egg – dressing – croutons salad. It has fried wanton, peanuts, green vegies, bell peppers and onions. The best J
Baba Ghanoush – Php227+ - flavored eggplant served with bread. I like the bread but not the eggplant K. It really has a strong taste that I don’t know how to describe it. To lessen its powerful flavor, I just used it as spread to my bread. It was indeed a very expensive eggplant dish! :p
Hara Kiri Rice – Php200+ - It’s a fried rice with shrimp, squid, bacon bits and chili. It’s moderately spicy! Yummy!

Rouge Seafood Coconut Curry – Php370+ - Mushroom, squid, shrimp and slices of eggplant and banana in curry sauce. The curry is just right – not too strong but still flavorful.
The food is pricey, the servings are few (and of course garlic overloaded :p), the taste was just okay. But I can say that we still enjoyed our dining experience here at Krazy garlik. Thanks to the lady who assisted us all throughout. She is very accommodating and fast in responding to our requests. 
This is us. We’re addicted on trying food from different restaurants. J It may be expensive sometimes, but this is just a reward after a long stressful work week. 

Krazy Garlik
Level 2 Greenbelt 5
Makati City

Kogi Bulgogi and Happy Lemon
Kogi Bulgogi
We’ve got recommendation from a friend for this restaurant. Friend said that dining here is ‘super sulit’ because of the complimentary foods that is served while waiting for the placed orders. I’ve already tried eating in Yedang, a Korean Restaurant, and I can say that it gave me a good impression about Korean food so my expectation at Kogi was really set so high. 
Complimentary Food

We arrived at past 1 in the afternoon but still we were 3rd in the waiting list. We waited for 30 minutes before we we're seated. And while waiting, we ordered the following:
Dulsot Bibimbap (Php 165) – a dish with onions, carrots, bean sprouts and other veggies with egg yolk on top of the rice . It was just okay. Best eaten with Chicken Kalbi to have a better taste. 
Sam gyup Sal Ssambap (Php188) – served with rice balls, pork and lettuce. Pork is crispy but bland.
Chicken Kalbi (Php 235) – The best! It’s really flavorful. Glad to have at least 1 food on the table that’s really satisfying. Hehe. 
Btw, the complimentary food is few as compared to Yedang. I think the number of complimentary dishes served depends on the number of people on the table.
Food is just so-so. Service? Uhmm, hmmm, hahahaha.. Let’s just say, I didn’t like it. We came late and are both hungry. We waited until those people who came before us were seated. While waiting, a couple arrived and said to the waiter that they are willing to be seated outside. Just after a few minutes, I saw them entering and waiter assisting them. Unfair isn't it? My mood started to change. Minutes passed, our turn came. A table that is good for 2 - yes we’re 2 but the table size is not enough to accommodate all the plates that we have! Wrong move and something will be broken.  But I’m still thankful that we are seated near their bar section, the waiter just used the table near the area to put in some of our foods. All saucers from the complimentary set have to be consumed immediately to have some space. Hay, it's a fail. =(

Happy Lemon
Friend also suggests trying Happy Lemon. Since I wasn’t satisfied with my lunch; I was really hoping that this will make me happy again. Happy lemon adds to my list of milk teas that you must try. Theirs is so unique. It’s my 1st time to have a milk tea with cookies and cream. This is good. But not as good as Boyps’ order. It’s a green tea with cheese and rock salt. I like the cheese “float”. It’s yummy, salty and really cheesy. We were instructed not to drink this with straw so as to avoid the bitter taste of the tea. Hehe! This is (so far) the best drink I’ve ever tasted! J 
 Milk Tea with Cookies and Cream (Php90)
 Green Tea with Cheese and Rock Salt (Php 90)

Kogi Bulgogi
2/F Eastwood Mall
Libis, Quezon City
Happy Lemon
4/F Eastwood Mall
Libis, Quezon City