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It was a bit late in the evening when we decided to have dinner in Glorietta. We settled at the Food Court (food choices) of the mall to make the selection of restaurant / fast food easier. But Boyps is always having difficulty choosing where to eat when we are at a food court. He has a tendency to roam around twice (or more) before he can decide where and what to try. That night, I immediately chose Kalbi while he's still thinking. But guess where he ended up? Same with mine. Bwaha.. Kalbi ka din pala e:p
So here's what we ordered:
Boyps tried their Chicken - KB (Php 149)  - it is a meal with chicken chunks, whole kernel corn, bean sprouts, kimchi and sunny side-up egg on top of a plain rice. It was yummy and saucy. The serving is big, really big! Sulit kung sulit!

I settled for Chicken Burrito (Php 159) - A super huge tortilla with rice, chicken, onions and other veggies inside. It has a mild spicy taste but not as yummy as Mexican Express'. It's quite difficult to eat because it was very siksik (loaded). Another sulit (getting more that what you payed for) dish. I had to take home the other half because I got so full with the 1st one. It also comes with a free side dish and I chose Nachos with cheese.

3rd Flr Food Choices
Glorietta 4
Makati City

Korean Ice Creams
Boyps has been wanting to try the Korean fish ice cream so when I saw it in 1 of the 7-11 stores in Makati, I bought him one. According to him, it was just an ordinary ice cream. Haha. He was a bit disappointed when he got to taste it.
We saw Melona Ice cream in one of the shops in Binondo. Boyps said that there's something inside the popsicle so I kept on looking while eating. I'm almost done but seen nothing except for the stick. So if there's anyone who can tell me what Korean Ice cream has a filling (except for the fish) please leave a comment. :p I'll surely be back in that store to try other Korean products. Hihi

Sorry I forgot the name of the Korean store.
It's not our first time in Yoshinoya. If I remember it right, this is the restaurant where we had our first dinner date but in Megamall branch. Bwaha. Anyway, it was already past 2 in the afternoon when we finished our shopping. Our stomachs are really growling so we settled for the restaurant with much lesser customers.
Here's what we had for our late lunch:

Miso Soup -  a good starter for our hungry tummy.

Super Beef Bowl - thinly sliced beef mixed with lots of onions. For me it was good but Boyps said it was just okay.

Regular Chicken Teriyaki - mine is way better that Boyps :p. The chicken is soft and the sauce is really flavorful. It was also served with carrots, cauliflower and broccoli.

Kani Siomai - It's a siomai with crab stick on top. I'm not a fan of crab stick so I didn't enjoy this much.

2nd Flr. Main Building
SM North Edsa
Quezon City
Bohol Day 2: Countryside Tour
The package we availed with Dumaluan Beach Resort includes City Tour and Dolphin watching. We started our Day 2 by having breakfast at the resort. We were then escorted by a resort's staff to our van for our City tour.
Our first stop is the Blood Compact site. The view from the site is really breath taking. We just took photos then off to our next destination.
Baclayon Church was our second stop. It really feels good to visit a Catholic church that is outside Manila. This is one of the oldest church in the Philippines. Our guide told us that we can see Padre Pio's image on the church's side post and another image (which I forgot) on the next post. My sister and I were wearing a short shorts so we were asked to wrap a cloth around our waist - instant skirt. Hihi. There are also religious figures upon entrance to the church.
Our next destination was the house of the biggest python of Bohol - Prony. It was huge! Really huge! Haha, Prony is accompanied by a bird and monkey inside the cage. Even the caretaker is inside the cage. Amazing! Outside the cage was another entertainer who jokes a lot about Prony. Here's the only joke I remembered "once a month lang kumakain si Prony ng baboy, kasi baka ma high blood, puro cholesterol". Haha. :p
Here's is where you should buy your peanut kisses. :)
After all the jokes and thrills, it's already lunch time so we headed to the Loboc River for our lunch cruise. Food is just okay but nothing really special. Jerellt told me not to miss the chicken, but sadly, all the chicken was gone . Luckily, Boyps got 1. Yipee. Hihi. There are crabs, veggies, barbeque, chicken, soup, pansit and a lot more on the buffet table.
We are all enjoying the view while having lunch. We are also serenaded by Manong Singer.

Before we go back to the starting point, we stopped for some entertainment. :) They are all friendly, bubbly and talented.
After filling our hungry stomachs, we are now ready to see our country's smallest primate, the Tarsiers. This creature is nocturnal (animals who are awake during the night) so we were lucky enough to capture tarsiers with their eyes widely opened. Hihi. We were accompanied and lectured by the animal's care taker. He said that a quick touch to a tarsier can lead them to death. Super sensitive. But a visit to this place is really priceless. It's not something a tourist can find in any other places. Yahoo - this is a dream come true. :)
 Shy with a smile
 Shocked :p
Next stop is the Butterfly Farm. I really had fun here. I love taking pictures of butterflies. It's not easy to capture one so it feels to good when I get to have one like I had in Taiwan. But here, butterfly seems to be friendly and cooperative :p Every guest (or group of guests) will be escorted by the farm's in-house tour guide. He added fun to our tour. He was also our photographer.
I got so excited after hearing that our next destination is the Chocolate Hills. I finally got a chance to see one of the Philippines' best! The hills are already visible on the area where the van dropped us but we still conquered the 100+ steps just to get a better view of the hills. And it's all worth it! I'm letting the pictures speak for themselves.
My Brother
Off to our last stop - the hanging bridge. This is where we bought our pasalubongs and souvenir items.
Before we go back to our hotel, we bought some chicken and rice for our dinner. Tipid mode e tsaka kelangan ng madaming extra rice. Haha.
My Mother
We were back at Dumaluan at around 6 pm. It rained when we were in Chocolate Hills, so I assumed that it also rained in some parts of the city. The song is so true. There's a rainbow always after the rain. :p
It's not yet too late to see the sunset so we went to the other side of the resort. We pass through other resorts until we reached the end - not actually the end but close to it. We didn't go farther because it's getting dark.
 Going back again to our hotel.

Our day 2 was extremely tiring yet very fun. :)
Bohol Day 1: Lunch and Dinner
We arrived in Bohol just in time for lunch. We all decided to have lunch at Dumaluan's Restaurant instead of going outside the resort. Here's what we ordered:
(it's been months since I had this vacation that's why I already forgot the prices)
 I ordered for Baked Shrimps. It was loaded with cheese. But the head is bigger that its body. Haha. This meal is not for sharing.
We also ordered Kinilaw - Boyps favorite. The fish was already cooked when it was served. Hindi yung naluto sa suka.
 This one I liked the most - Pinakbet with Bagnet.
My brother wanted Pork Sisig so we ordered one.
After our lunch, my sister decided to go outside and buy some food for our dinner. There's no nearby stores in the resort so they rented a tricycle (Php 300 two-way ride) to bring them to the city proper. Here's what they bought:
 Cebu Lechon
She and her husband also bought a gallon of water for us to share. We ordered rice from the resort's restaurant and borrowed some utensils and we just had dinner inside our room. Haha.