Valentino Resort and Spa

My Navi friends and I were planning for an out of town trip / get together / mini – reunion last February 2012.  We are choosing between Eagle Point Resort and Valentino Resort and Spa. Both resorts offered somewhat the best – from facilities to accommodations, from food to services etc. The only difference that we saw was the price (at  kung may beach). And so we had to open a voting mail to get everyone's choice and majority has chosen Valentino Resort and Spa.
It was 9 or 10 in the morning when we arrived at the place. I immediately asked the receptionist if we can check-in early. Actually, my friend Je asked me if I heard the old lady saying "oo nga, pagbibigyan na namin kayo mag check-in pero ngayon lang, next time hindi na pede (parang galit, tinanong ko lang naman kung pede na mag check-in)". But I honestly didn't hear that. It was Kriska who actually heard it. The only thing I remembered is that she has repeatedly said that they will allow us to check-in right away because it was a first time visit. On our next visit, they will strictly follow the 2pm check-in time.
Anyways, we were given wristbands upon check-in. I don't know what it is for but I guess that's a badge to indicate that a guest will stay overnight or not. We immediately strolled along the area, check-out the pools, take pictures here and there and play and rest at the playground.

Valentino for me is just a garden resort with swimming pool, more of like a clubhouse with rooms for accommodation. We've seen 2 swimming pools, one in front of our rooms and the other one was just a walking distance from the first one. There are cottages available but there were ants too so we’re not able to use them. There's also a playground for kids and kids at heart. And of course, they offer spa services for complete relaxation.
Pool #1
Jacuzzi at the corner of the pool
Pool #2
After roaming around the place, it’s time to check and take pictures of our room. Their room was really spacious that’s why I find everything so small. Our air-conditioned room has double bed (not sure if I’m right but Boyps and I were able to fit in), a television (that I wasn’t able to see :p I even shouted “asan ang TV!”) ,table and chairs and a bathroom with hot and cold shower with matching pail and dipper! amazing! The room has another room for our baggage but we used it as dressing room. We also used that small space to hang our wet clothes. Hihi :p The resort also provided some shampoo and toothpaste in sachet, toothbrush, soaps, tissue and towels. By the way, the room costs Php 2,600 per night.

Just in time for lunch, we headed to the resort's restaurant. The place was not crowded. Actually, it was just us and a couple in there. 
The super nice staff. :)
Since we're a big group, we decided to divide the group into two. Je, Boyet, Boyps and I were all in the same group. So here's what we had for lunch:
Bulalo(Php 365) – super sarap. Malinamnam. Daming laman. We asked the waiter if he can refill the soup and he told us that he will ask someone first. But to our surprise, he gave us another bowl as big as the first one. Bwaha.
Sisig (Php 200) – this dish was just okay. Actually, I'm not a fan of sisig with mayonnaise. But the meat was crispy and tender.
Talong (Php 90) – this is the usual tortang talong. Steamed eggplant wrapped in scrambled egg. Casualan.

After lunch, we all rested for a while then we're off to go swimming. It was as if we own the pool in front of our rooms. There were no other people using it except us.  The pool is 4 ½ ft. – 6 ft. if I'm not mistaken. It has a mini Jacuzzi too. After half an hour or so, we transferred to the other pool so we can try it. It was shallower as compared to the first pool. It also has "falls-like" effect. Hihi. It was raining then so it made us chill a lot. Sobrang lamig! As in! Bawal umahon sa tubig! But it didn't stopped us from enjoying our vacation, we'll all get wet eventually! Hihi.
It was such a happy day 1 at Valentino. We all got to catch up with each other's chismis (gossip), kamustahan and all, picture-taking galore and so much more.
Some of my friends stayed at our room. We brought some junk foods to share. We just watched TV and continued chatting with each other.
Dinner time has come and I still belong to the same group as we had during lunch. We ordered 
Chicken Gambo soup (Php 60),
 Calamares (Php 220),
and Kare- Kare (Php355)
I like the kare – kare but I wasn’t able to eat a single meat because they used tripe (twalya). Hindi ako kumakain nun e. arte nu? :p
After dinner, we headed back to our rooms. I thought there will be another round of bonding moment so I kept on sneaking outside to check if we have other friends that are still awake. But there’s none. So Boyps and I just stayed in bed and watched TV all night. Hehe.
The next day, we went back to the resort’s restaurant for our breakfast. I chose Filipino breakfast - Tapang Taal while Boyps opted to have American breakfast. Both dishes were served with fried rice and eggs cooked according to your preference. Boyps got Iced Tea while I tried their hot chocolate. I can still remember how many times Je said that their coffee was sooo good so when they asked for a refill, she shared some so now I can relate. haha
Hot Choco and Iced Tea
American Breakfast
Tapang taal.
I really had fun staying here. The place was so simple, worthy of my penny, food and service were great, and most of all, quiet and relaxing.

Copied food names and info from Thanks girl! J

Valentino Resort and Spa
Brgy. Pinagtung-ulan
San Jose, Batangas


  1. Naku Joie! Feb 2012? Parang ipapasa ko sayo ang "Most Efficient Blogger" award ko ah! Hindi pwede to! Maghahanap ako ng pictures ko ng 2010!! Hahahahaha! Staycation naman tayooooo

    1. Haha.. uu girl.. nung nabasa ko nga ung post mo gusto ko kunin ung trono mo e. bwahahaha.. :p Pero tingin ko naman eto na yung latest last year. bwahahaha

    2. Sabagay yung Ilocos ko nga wala pa din sa vlog ko! :) Kalowka!! Anyway, staycation tayo nina leng. iwan nyo mga jowa nyooooo...