As usual, this is another late post. Our work from home schedule was changed from Monday and Wednesday to Tuesday and Friday for a month. With that said, we now have lunch outs every Thursday since we’re home on a Friday. When we are still new with our employer, we never thought that we will run out of restaurants / fast food chains to eat because our office is just beside the Mall of Asia. But these past few weeks, we are having a hard time deciding where to have lunch. Haha. Feeling ko kasi na try na namin yung mga mura kaya yung mga mahal na naiwan, deadma. :p
Lareina wanted to try Soi but I told her that I already tried it so I suggested to go to Jatujak instead. Jatujak serves thai dishes too just like Soi. So here’s what we shared for our lunch.
Tom Yum Chicken Medium or Tom Yum Gai (Php 175) is a soup dish with chicken chunks and vegetables that tasted like Sinigang. The combination of sourness and saltiness flavor of the soup is just right. Also, the serving is big enough for four people.
We are a group that loves spicy food so we got Green Curry Beef or Kaeng Kiew Waan Nua (Php 265). The thick curry sauce was mixed with thick slices of beef strips. The beef was tender, the curry flavor is just perfect and spiciness was average.
We also ordered Fried Rice with Shrimp or Kao Pad Goong (Php 175) which has tomatoes and shrimps. Its taste is just perfect. What’s nice about it is that, it blends well with other dishes and its flavor is not overpowering.
If I’m going to compare this to Soi, I enjoyed Soi more because its flavor is stronger and spicier. But I must admit that I enjoyed Jatujak too because the aroma of the food is not too evident plus the price is cheaper. So if you are craving for some thai food, you can try Jatujak or Soi (or better yet, you can try both. J)

2/F SM Mall of Asia
Entertainment Mall
Pasay City

4 Fingers Crispy Chicken

It’s already my second time when I invited Boyps to try Four Fingers. Our company has a privilege to get a free upgrade from one-piece chicken to two-piece for every P100 food purchase. It was Manne who introduced this to me. She said that Four Fingers serves chicken just like Bonchon's but their version is way a lot better.
So when Boyps went to MoA to pick me up, I asked him if he wanted to dine at Four Fingers for dinner. And since he has no idea where to eat, he gave in.
The area that was air-conditioned was really small but there are lots of chairs and tables just in front of the place. So here’s what we had for dinner:
4 Fingers Crispy Chicken (Php 189) – it’s a 6-piece combination of drummettes and chicken wings. We requested to have Hot and Soy Garlic flavor for the chicken. (You can request too to make it all Hot or all Soy Garlic flavor). The chicken skin was really crispy and flavorful. Even the meat, it was juicy and real tasty. 
Crispy Calamari (Php 189) – deep-fried breaded squid. It was cooked perfectly. Just like the chicken, the breading was seasoned to have a Soy Garlic and Hot flavor and it was super crispy. I squeezed some calamansi to add a twist to its flavor. By the way, the chicken and squid breading taste almost the same. Hihi
And since our meal does not include rice and drink, we ordered two servings of rice with spice and teriyaki sauce (Php 20) and two glasses of Red Iced tea (Php 25). 

I really had fun dining here. Aside from the fact that I get to have free upgrades, the food, especially the chicken, was really delicious.

Four Fingers
G/F Entertainment Mall,
Ocean Drive, Mall of Asia
Pasay City

Estrellas de Mendoza Playa Resort

First day of March and I’m off with my office friends for my first summer escapade of the year (actually, first and last). This is another late post but not as late as my Ilocos posts. :p
We had a hard time choosing a resort because we all had our own preferences. Manne and I were under limited budget. I wanted to have a room with TV for Boyps. Lareina wanted a resort with beach and swimming pool (I want a pool too :p).  Lareina’s BFF requested to just concentrate our research within Batangas area. And the list goes on. Lareina also wanted to go to Acuatico but I told her that I’ve been there already. So to be fair to all, we looked for a resort where no one has been there yet. Bottomline, we only wanted to find a place where we can unwind and swim to beat the summer heat!
After researching and reading tons of reviews, I came across one – Estrellas de Mendoza. I don’t have any idea about this resort. I've done a lot of Batangas beaches resort research but never found this one. Internet pictures are so inviting that's why we're curious about it.
Estrellas de Mendoza still has a work in progress website that’s why we had difficulty reaching them. I used the inquiry form found on their website to send all the details and queries but I got no reply. I called them through their landline phone and finally made the reservation. Just an hour after our conversation, I received an email from them indicating the payment terms and conditions.
We are a group of 6 adults and 1 child so Estrellas told me to get 2 superior rooms. Lareina and I assumed that Manne and his husband will occupy room 1 and the four of us will occupy the other one. I was a bit afraid that the room can’t accommodate four adults because it has queen-sized bed and single twin-sized bed. So Lareina called Estrellas again if they can add additional bed to our room and they agreed but for an additional cost of PHP1,500. And we are all set. The car that we used was courtesy of Lareina’s BFF. First time ko makasakay ng Montero na hindi pumipila sa toll gate :p Ikaw na ang naka E-PASS :p
Our meeting time is 7:30AM but unfortunately, MRT operation was cut short until Shaw Boulevard only that’s why Lareina and I were late! We arrived around past 8 in the morning. Lareina’s BFF thought that he was fooled and that he’s the only person that was given the “7:30AM must-be-there” time. Hihi.
After 3 hours of travelling, we arrived at Estrellas de Mendoza resort. We checked-in immediately and gladly, they allowed us to occupy the rooms as early as 12:30PM. I also requested them to remove the P1500 additional charge for extra bed and they obliged. 
Our rooms were adjacent to each other. Both have 1 queen-sized bed and 1 twin-sized bed. Boyps and I shared the twin-sized while Manne and family occupied the other one. The bed was not that soft but it was clean. The sheets and pillows were clean and fragrant too. There’s a phone, alarm clock and lamp in between beds.
Our room has huge cabinets, 
water heater, cups and saucers, complimentary coffee, creamer and sugar and two bottled water.
working table and chair,

safety deposit box and cable television and refrigerator.
The bathroom is spacious enough and clean. The shower area is in the right side while the toilet with bidet is on the left. Body and hand towels, toiletries, glasses and blower are also found inside the bathroom. I love taking a bath here because of the strong water pouring from the shower head. Super sarap magbabad! 
Our room also has a balcony overseeing the pool and beach.
After taking pictures of the room, we went outside to check the pool and beach. The beach was so serene and calm. Though it was not that good for swimming, it was so good for sight-seeing. It was very pleasant to the eyes.
There’s also a playground where kids can play and enjoy. 
Around the infinity pool were house cottages that can accommodate bigger groups. There are also tables and chairs with umbrellas.  The infinity pool was mesmerizing! It was huge enough for guests to swim freely. Lucky us, there were not much guests during our visit that’s why the area was not crowded. The pool’s depth ranges from 5’ – 5’2” feet. No need to worry about the kids because there’s a kiddie pool too.
Hotel - like resort
Accommodation and swimming pool wise, the place was really perfect. I guess it’s the benefit of trying a place while it’s still new. The staffs were friendly and surroundings were clean. It was a bit expensive (Php 6,800 per night) but every time I think of how much I paid for Acuatico, this one is more worth it. (I’m not saying that Acuatico is not worthy to visit because it is! But maybe for a day tour only). Food? Hmmm, you’ll see on my next post.

Estrellas de Mendoza
Laiya, San Juan
819--6050 / 819-6049