Mann Hann
My friend has been craving for Yang chow fried rice so every time we eat out, that's her only preference. One time, we were supposed to have a lunch out but unfortunately, the third member of our group was on sick leave. We both have no idea what restaurant (Hap Chan excluded from our list) serves single-serving Yang chow fried rice and since I don’t want to eat at Hap Chan, I suggested we go dine at Mann Hann. I’m not a frequent customer of this place but I know they serve delicious spareribs and yang chow. So obviously, you already know what we had for lunch.
Manne wanted some fried rice so even if the serving is good for 3-4, we ordered a plate of Yang Chow fried rice (P250). As always, it was flavorful. There were generous cuts of meat and scrambled egg.
We ordered two viands to share – Fried Tofu (P125) and Spicy Spareribs (P250). I love the spareribs so much. The meat was soft and tender with some crunchiness on the outside. It is best eaten when dip in their yummy sweet-sour-spicy vinegar. 
The tofu was exactly the opposite of the spareribs. Though it was cooked so well, the taste was so bland that even the sauce didn’t help at all.
Manne and I dated and spent more than an hour conversing about politics (serious huh?) while eating everything on the table. I just notice that Manne was distracting me by talking too much, sharing her opinions while I kept on scooping for rice and ulam. Bwaha. Dinaan ako sa kwento e! But we super enjoyed it and ended up strolling around the mall for almost an hour – busog much!

**Prices taken from munchpunch.

Mann Hann
G/F SM Mall of Asia
North Wing Seaside Blvd
Pasay City

iLoveToBake #5: Project #2: Thomas themed Cupcakes
My friends are very much supportive of my craft. If not for them, I won’t have any clients. Haha. Most of them are my previous officemates, and since I don’t have much friends in my current office, the count did not grow much. Hehe I still haven’t received any orders from someone I don’t know and I’m wishing that someday I will have one. Hihi
One time, my seatmate / officemate / friend asked me if I can make Thomas themed cupcakes for his son’s 5th birthday. Even if I’m not 100% sure, I said yes! Bwaha. I know I have Boyps to help me that’s why I took the risk. I’m not fond of using fondant because I find it tedious to work on while Boyps loves it so much. He has his own fondant tools and cutters while I end up borrowing it from him. I haven’t mastered fondant modeling yet but sure I’m having a lot of fun. Bonding na namin ni Boyps yun, free pa ang labor niya. Hihi
So presenting to you guys another labor of love. Thanks to Google again for giving us an idea of how usually a Thomas cupcake would look like.
By the way, you might want to check out my first attempt of Thomas using fondant.
I used cream cheese frosting with blue food coloring and topped it with letters made of melted chocolates.
Layers of fondant, circle and star-shaped as base then finally the train images. I also created some train rails. hihi
chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.
a total of 3 dozens of chocolate cupcakes
boxes from Chocolate Lover

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Big Better Burgers
It’s not my first time to try this food chain. I first saw Big Better Burgers (BBB) during its soft opening way back then in their SM North Edsa branch. I didn’t enjoy the experience so whenever I see BBB, I don’t include it as "where to eat" option. But Boyps and I were in University Mall and saw BBB again. Since we’ve almost tried all the fast food chain in the area, I asked him if he wanted to give BBB another try and he said yes.
The place was not packed even if it’s Friday night. The variety of food they offer grew from the first time I visited them. Even if they have Katsu rice meals as new dishes, I still opted to try their burgers. I got their Jalapeno burger while Boyps ordered their BBB Value Meal.
Jalapeno burger (Php 152)has a single patty with sliced jalapeno and lettuce topped with cheese. Boyps’ BBB Value meal (Php 140) included a quarter pounder burger patties with lettuce and tomato, french fries and soda. The burger variant I chose has no value meal so I had to order a glass of Iced Tea (Php 28).

Both burgers have the same patty. It was super juicy, it wasn’t oily, has a very light smoky flavor and really flavorful. The juice comes out every single bite. The spiciness of jalapeno in my burger was tolerable. Actually, I would like it even more if it’s spicier. I really enjoyed our burgers that night and I really wanted to go back! The photos may not look appetizing but trust me, super sarap talaga sila!
Jalapeno Burger 
BBB Value Meal
BBB Value Meal with fries 
The fries were thicker than usual and salted just right. You may want to dip it in tomato catsup then add a bit of spicy sauce or mustard.

I ordered a serving of Potato wedges (Php 65) and we enjoyed this too. It was thick and soft with thin crispy coating. Yummy.

If you are craving for some delicious burger, go and try Big Better Burgers! 

Big Better Burgers
2/F University Mall,
Taft Avenue

Flaming Wings
Another weekdate with Boyps and I was craving for some chicken wings. I knew that he will suggest Flaming wings and there we ended up having dinner that night. We had been here once before and I could still remember how spicy (or should I say super spicy?) their spicy chicken was. So this time, I settled for the mild ones so I can enjoy the wings a lot better.
For starters, I asked Boyps to order Garlic Fries (Php 99). The fries were thick and not too oily, though the garlic flavor was missing. It was actually topped with toasted garlic but the fries did not absorb the flavor. It wasn't salty at all too. Good thing we have dips from our chicken meal that we used to add some flavor to it.
We ordered 5 pc. Chicken wings (Php 235) and the waitress said that we can choose 2 sauces and dips for that. We had Bleu Cheese and Honey Mustard for dips and Smokey BBQ and Mild and Sweet for the chicken sauces.  At first, I wasn't sure which is which when our chicken was served. Its taste was almost the same except the sweetness from the mild and sweet sauce was really evident.  Both sauces were slightly spicy and salty. We just notice that the chicken weren't hot and it was a bit hard. The breading wasn't crispy and there's just a little meat in some of the wings. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed the chicken with assorted dips. :p
Boyps ordered an individual meal which is the Tenders Meal (Php 125). It's a chicken fillet with sauce and dip, served with rice and a glass of Iced Tea. The chicken wasn't so tender, it was sliced too thin and the breading was a bit hard. I was reading some huge post-its on the wall and guests did enjoy the tenders meal but for me it was just so-so.
Boyps says: "The chicken tenders were bigger the last time I tried it, ngayon parang fries na lang yung size niya".

The place was packed when we arrived so we waited for minutes before we got our seats. Staff told us to place our orders while waiting to be seated. Staffs were nice, ambiance was good and service was just okay. 

Flaming Wings
Archer's Nook Dorm,
Taft Avenue
Malate, Manila