ILoveToBake #2: Sweets’ Haven's Carrot Cupcake
Last November 11, my sister’s son turned 1 month old. Together with her husband’s family, we celebrated his “monthly birthday” at their house. Now I have a reason to bake and use my just recently purchased cupcake topper – carrot topping made of royal icing. I’m a frequent client of Sweet Craft and I got attracted with this cute carrot topper so I ended up buying one for myself. Hihi.
Presenting to you guys my Chocolate Carrot Cupcake. It’s a cupcake with carrot and apple base topped with chocolate ganache and decorated with the carrot candy. Actually, I wanted to create a cream cheese frosting but unfortunately, I don't have a stock of cream cheese at home. Well anyways, believe it or not, it was good. I can’t believe I was able to eat a piece because I don’t usually eat the pastries I bake. Haha.
Carrot topper na mukhang sili :p
Here's how it looks without the ganache:
I’m selling this for Php 36 if packaged by piece and Php 350 if sold by dozen. :)

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Kanin Club
I had lots of celebration for my birthday last July. (oha july pa to naka draft sa blog ko:p) We had pasta and chicken festival at home, lunch with Boyps at Buffet 101 and the most recent was lunch with my mother and brother at Kanin Club. I wanted them to try Filipino dish aside from what my mother and auntie cook in our eatery.
It would be our first time to go to UP techno hub as this was the nearest branch of the said restaurant from our house. We had difficulty finding the place because there were few signage along the Commonwealth avenue. We had 3 rounds of driving along the Q.C circle and that made me hungrier and a bit dizzy.
There were a lot of customers waiting to be seated when we arrived. The waitress said that we have to wait for 30 minutes before we can get a slot. Luckily, after placing our orders, we were advised that seats are ready to be occupied.
I wanted them to try what I have tried before which is the Sinangag na Sinigang and their famous and unique crispy Dinuguan.
Sinangag na Sinigang (Php 224) is a fried rice that taste exactly like Sinigang. The only difference – it was dry. It was topped with thinly sliced pork meat, crispy kangkong and breaded okra.
Brother – asim, parang di bagay sa mga ulam na inorder natin.
Me – super yummy pa din! Hihi.

Crispy Dinuguan (Php 261), from its name, is made up of crispy porklets (and chicharon with laman – I think!) set in thick pork blood. My brother is a dinuguan non-eater but he helped me finish everything on the plate. The serving is really generous. Sawa na kami pero may nangunguya pa din. :p
Brother requested to try Crispy pork binagoongan (Php 231). It's a pork belly laid in bagoong sauce with tomato slices. The meat was really crispy but we all didn't like the sauce. It would be better if they will add more bagoong.
Mother wanted some fish so we settled for Binukadkad na Tilapia (Php 246). Another crispy dish but this was really bland. You really need to dip it to the soy sauce to add flavor to it. My brother finds it fishy though. Hihi
I think they enjoyed the experience as much as I did. My brother told me that he liked it because we had a break from our usual "fast food lunch out". Hihi
Mother would like to have dessert so I suggested to buy Razon's Halo-halo which is also just within the area.

Kanin Club
UP Ayala Land TechnoHub
Commonwealth Ave.
Quezon City
Lan zhou la mien
Boyps and I just had our first food trip in Bambang! I find this place quite a Binondo-like because it was surrounded with lots of restaurants and eateries. Just after my check up at Metropolitan hospital, Boyps had already an idea where to bring me for lunch. Just in front of the hospital is a noodle house named Lan zhou la mien. The place was small but air-conditioned. It was a bit jam-packed when we arrived so we had to share a table with other guests.
Menu is few as compared to other Chinese restaurants and that made it easy for us to select what to eat.
First off, we ordered Egg Cha Gan (Php160) - fried rice with scrambled eggs, sausages and green veggies. It was not oily, the serving was just okay, but the taste is quite ordinary. It was a bit bland but the soy sauce from our dumplings helped to improve its taste.
We wanted to have some soup so we ordered Beef Knife Mien (Php 120). Thick noodle soup with big chunks of beef and few Chinese pechay.  It was such a good choice. The soup was seasoned nicely and the noodles really made us feel full after consuming half of it. There are cut onion leaves and another veggie that can be added to make it more savory.
Fried and Steam dumplings (Php 170). This was a combination of steamed and fried kutchai dumplings. This was actually not written in the menu but it just so happened that Boyps wanted steamed, while I preferred fried so I asked the server if we can have half-half and she said yes. Hihi. I like their version of this dumpling - the combination of ground chives and meat is perfect. The chives were not overpowering. The fried dumplings were not oily and the wrapper was crunchy. Try it with their special sauce plus the chili sauce.:)
I also ordered Black Gulaman and didn't like it so I ended up drinking Boyps' order which is Honey Calamansi juice.

Lan zhou la mien
Mayhaligue cr Masangkay
Bambang, Manila
Gotti's Ristorante
If you have read some of my posts, I have mentioned before that I transferred to a company where its location was just a cartwheel away from the Mall of Asia.  I only have 1 friend during the time I had lunch there but now I have two. Haha. Improving pa din. :p Every Friday, Friend and I always go to mall to have lunch. We always check the advertisements whenever we passed by the bridge way from our office to the mall.
I wanted pasta that day so she agreed with me to try out Gotti’s. The moment we reached the place, we were immediately welcomed by one of the service crew. He handed us the menu and offered some of their meals. We’re supposed to order their set meals but Friend wanted to order Frutti di mare (Php 210). It’s a seafood pasta in red sauce. It has clams, shrimps and squid. We both liked it. The sauce was flavorful and the seafood serving was generous. It was a perfect combination of sweet, sour and salty taste. It became cheesier when seasoned with grated parmesan cheese.
We also got their mi mamas Quattro formaggi (Php 295). This is their version of four cheese pizza. It was indeed a super yummy cheesy pizza. The crust was thin and crispy. We are just so full that we only got to consume 4 slices. Haha.
We both enjoyed our dining experience here. The crew was very nice and accommodating. Prompt response was also assured and additional request was always granted. I'll surely be back and will accompany Boyps next time. New Friend , kain tayo diyan na kasama ka naman :p

Gotti's Ristorante
G/F SM Mall of Asia
Ocean Drive
Manila Bay Reclamation Area
Pasay City
The Creamery Resto and Ice Cream bar
I first heard of this place when my ex-team lead was planning to celebrate her child’s birthday at The Creamery. She told me that I should visit the place as it was serving delicious Carbonara and delightful ice creams.
One Friday night, just after work, Boyps went to MOA so we can try another restaurant in the area. Surprisingly, Boyps and I settled at The Creamery. I’ve been asking him to try it weeks ago but he refuses. :p
We were both not hungry and wanted something light. A friend suggested that we should try their Carbonara (Php 140). It was creamy and tasty. The bacon bits just made it more appealing and flavorful.
Since pasta isn’t enough for both of us, Boyps ordered their Chicken Barbeque (Php 180). It is a chicken fillet poured with barbeque sauce paired with java rice. The chicken fillet was tender and the sauce was yummy, really yummy. It’s sweet and salty taste was perfect. I liked the atchara too. Hihi.
Dining at The Creamery won’t be complete without trying their signature ice creams. We got their Belgian Chocolate Mint ice cream (Php 160). It was a combination of chocolate and mint mustard with lots of crunchy cookie bits. It was perfect! The mint flavor added twist to the usual chocolate ice cream. Super love. :)

The restaurant was located inside the mall's Kids Universe So if you bring with you your kids, you can enjoy  your ice creams while kids are playing or maybe you can share with them some ice cream and let them play afterwards. :)
I would love to go back here and try other dishes especially their ice creams! :)

The Creamery Resto and Ice Cream bar
G/F SM Mall of Asia
Bay Boulevard
Pasay City