Bohol Day 3 - Dolphin Watching and Snorkeling
I thought I already have a draft for this but I was so wrong. Haha. After 9 months since this adventure happened, here's my day 3 post. :p
We all woke up early for our dolphin watching. Everyone participated because we all wanted to see dolphins.
 Nothing beats sunrise in the Philippines
Breakfast was served as early as 6 am. Immediately after eating, I went to the reception to advise that we are ready for the boat ride. But the lady said that we still need to wait for 3 more ladies that will be joining us. I was really annoyed because they have just started eating when it's actually time to leave. Another thing that made me so annoyed is the life jackets. Super sira - sira at kulang - kulang. Anyway, it was a long trip before we started seeing dolphins. Weather was a bit gloomy and it makes us all sleepy during the entire trip.
We've seen a couple of dolphins playing around. They are really hard to capture and see. I guess dolphins feel that they are being chased by a lot of boats. Hihi
 After a few minutes we left and headed to Balicasag island for snorkeling.
We rented our snorkeling gears and shoes for 150 each. Underwater cases for digicams were also for rent. So sad I still didn't have an underwater camera when we went there. No digicam either.
Words were not enough to describe what I saw. Underwater creatures and corals of Bohol are just so amazingly beautiful. After almost half an hour, we have to leave the island for our return flight to Manila.
 I think this is the most beautiful picture I have taken. Haha!

This trip was so memorable. Aside from the fact that we traveled as a family, this was also the first time that Boyps and I had an out of town adventure with my family. Early last year, I also had the chance to explore CDO and Iligan with Boyps' family. Sana this year meron uli :p
FTFBadge I've been busy lately with work and have been going home late (this is an uber late post - I'm currently unemployed :p). It's past 8 in evening and Boyps and I are already hungry. We don't want to go farther just to have a quick dinner so Boyps told me to just try the new burger store in Robinsons Summit Center - Bodato
Bodato serves a variety of hamburgers. We ordered Chicken Burger and Spicy Beef Burger. Looking while our order is prepared, parang casualan lang tapos ang mahal mahal. But when I got to taste it, I liked it. The patty is not dry but not too oily. It also has dressing, lettuce and tomatoes. There's really nothing special about it but it was still a good try. It's a bit pricey with how it looks on the pictures, but at least, it passed our taste.
Chicken Burger (Php 85+)
Spicy Beef Burger (Php 85+)

7th Flr Robinsons Summit Center
6783 Ayala Avenue
Makati City