Bohol Day 1: Dumaluan Beach Resort
Jerellt invited me and Boyps to join them on their 2nd honeymoon :p. But they already bought their plane tickets before she told me. No promo fare since the date they picked was a holiday so I was really hesitant but envious. Unexpectedly, Airphil offered a Seat Sale to Tagbilaran so I booked a September flight for my whole family (Holiday nga kasi so hindi talaga nag sale yung date ng lipad nina je). This is the 1st time that the whole family went out of town (aside from pampanga :p)
Je stayed in Dumaluan Beach Resort and I told her that I will wait for her review before I'll booked our accommodation. After reading her blog, looks like the room was just okay but she liked the beach much so with no doubts, I made a reservation for 7 pax.

The resort gave us 2 rooms since the room for the chosen package is good for 4 persons only (quad sharing). We just requested the staff to put all the extra mattresses in 1 room because we'll all sleep that room.
Note: They don't have a package that could board 7 people into just 1 room.

The room has 1 double bed, air conditioner, a small refrigerator, flat screen TV, toilet and bath (no bathtubs), mini bar and a wooden rack and table for clothes and bags.
The rooms are really spacious and clean. It also has a veranda where you can hang your wet clothes. But so sad that there's not much sunlight on our area. The comfort room is huge enough but I think, it will be better if they'll transfer the position of the shower head. :)

One thing I didn't like is that they responded too long on my request to put all the mattresses on the available room since they only handed us the 1st room and the other one is still being cleaned. But I guess they compensated that well enough.:p We were surprise to see these in our rooms on our second day. :)
Sweetness :)
The trees, sand and beach are scenic. The sand is so fine.I like it more when it's wet. It's awesome. haha. I think their beach is mabato (rocky). The resort's staff said that we should wear slippers or water shoes if we want to swim. Not sure though because I wasn't able to try it out :|. But the swallow area is really sandy and I loved it. :)
I call this "The Aubrey Pose"
While waiting for the sunset, it was so nice to see a sand bar.Unfortunately, the sunset is on the other side of the beach. Hehe. So that's our goal on our second day. :p
Overall, I liked Dumaluan Beach Resort. :) Beautiful rooms, good staffs and awesome white sand beach resort truly made our stay enjoyable.

Dumaluan Beach Resort
Panglao, Bohol