A visit to CDO and Iligan - Day 3: Swimming at Timoga - Holiday Inn
Summer is definitely in CDO and Iligan City. With this kind of weather, who wouldn’t want to go out of the house and swim? :p Our Itinerary for the day is to go to one of the many Timoga Cold Springs. I initially thought that the resort's name we're into is Timoga but Boyps told me that it is area where a lot of spring resorts are located. We are both not sure of the exact name of the resort but Boyps said it's Holiday Inn =D 
Kiddie Pool
There are already people diving and jumping on the pool when we arrived. We knew that the place is going to be jam-packed so we took advantage of some of the “pool space” before masses of people arrived.
What I like about the place is the water – it’s very cold; and the location and resort's size - big and has many pools. There are also restaurants / eateries just across the area. But there are 2 things I didn’t like, their restroom is dark and some of the doors have no lock; and the swimming attire - there are no rules on this place, people can go swim wearing jeans and long dresses. I just think that water will easily get dirty if people will jump into the pool without changing their clothes. We went to the kiddie pool and I saw something floating. I’m not sure what it is but it looks like something you wouldn’t want to see.

Overall, the place is just ok for the price. They only charge Php50 / person and Php100 for the cottage. I may be just the “maarte” type of person when it comes to vacation but I can say that I enjoyed my short stay in this resort. Enjoyment doesn’t only come from the place; it’s more of the experience I have gained and the people I am with. =D

Holiday Inn
Timoga Cold Springs
Iligan City
A visit to CDO and Iligan - Day 2: Dinner at Dear Manok
After all the trekking and road tripping, we went to Boyps' house to rest for awhile. We are scheduled to have dinner at Dear Manok with his family and relatives. Hmmm, I just notice that chicken is always present on the table every time we eat outside. :p
House specialty is Chicken Inasal. For me, it's like the usual charcoal-grilled chicken that taste even better when partnered with ‘silitoyomansi’ . Just like Mang Inasal, Dear Manok also offers rice all you can meals. Every one ordered for 1-pc chicken meal. Some had unlimited rice while others (including me) prefer to have a cup. 
Aside from that, we also had pancit sotanghon and pancit canton, calamares, shrimp lumpiang shanghai  and chicharon! We had plateful of chicken skin chicharon! Bwaha. I tried to control myself but can’t help. I was able to eat plenty of it. It’s so crunchy, yummy and loaded with cholesterol. 
Pancit Sotanghon
Shrimp Lumpiang Shanghai
The food is delicious though it tasted like "the usual". Nothing extra ordinary but at least it's yummy :)
So sad that I wasn't able to take pictures of all the food. I'm just so shy to tell them not to eat the food until I get the shot that I want :p

Dear Manok
Pala-o Iligan City

A visit to CDO and Iligan - Day 2:Ma. Cristina and Tinago Falls
After a long “Day 1” at CDO, it’s now time to explore Iligan City. Iligan City is known for waterfalls (or should I just say water?). I've seen plenty of hose with running water without pails. I think anyone can just grab a hose and use it for car wash, etc. At least now we know where we can fetch water if in case we suffer again from water crisis. :p 
Our itinerary for the day is to go to Maria Cristina and Tinago Falls. On our way to Ma. Cristina, Boyps gave me empanada for breakfast. I liked it. It’s delicious and it has more potatoes than meat. I actually had two. :p
Anyways, Ma. Cristina a.k.a the Twin falls is a short drive from Boyps’ house. According to en.wikipedia.org, Maria Cristina Falls powers the Agus VI Hydroelectric Plant, one of the several hydroelectric plants that harness Agus River. I was so amazed of its beauty. I can feel water splashing on my face.  The flow of the water is just so fast but the current turns so slow after passing thru the big rocks underneath.
Aside from sightseeing, tourist can also enjoy activities like zip line and rock climbing. They also have zoo that has very few animals (like monkey, crocodile, and ostrich). The construction of other activities and park areas are still in progress.
We left Nature's Park at around 1pm. Before going to Tinago falls, we had our lunch first at Gloria’s Ihaw-Ihaw. We ordered:  
lechon baboy (my craving for that day)
kinilaw (Boyps favorite)
atchara (can’t believe that I liked it. I don’t eat atchara that much) 
8 rice wrapped in banana leaves.
We also got fish tinola (something new huh? For me it didn’t taste like the usual "chicken tinola" but it was ok).
After eating, we rest for a while. Our next stop is the Tinago falls. It’s not a joke to go to this place. We have to pass thru the 365 stair steps (based on my count) before we can see it. 
Start of the trail
Stairs are made up of stones with bamboo handles on some parts. Some steps are too high and quite slippery.  It was tiring and we’re all sweating. But the trek gets more exciting when I started hearing the water falls. I can even see a glimpse of it from afar. Upon reaching the falls, I can say that it’s all worth it. Unlike in Ma.Cristina, people can go swim at Tinago. They even have “balsa”, a bamboo raft, which they use so then can bring their selves directly under the falls. This is another water splashing, nature tripping adventure. 
Tinago falls is definitely one of God’s most beautiful hidden creations and our country’s must keep  treasure. 
I know there are a lot more to discover in the Philippines so I won’t stop until I see it all. :D

Ma. Cristina and Tinago Falls
Iligan City 
A Visit to CDO and Iligan - Day 1: Shrine of the Divine Mercy
After our lunch at Panagatan, our next destination is the Shrine of the Divine Mercy. It’s a short trip from Panagatan. We can even see the 50-foot statue of the Divine Mercy along the trip. Upon reaching the place, Boyps’ parents and I were asked to wear a skirt since shorts and pants are not allowed. Men can wear pants but girls must wear below –the- knee skirts.  We bought 2 candles – pink and white. I forgot their meaning but I think it’s for peace and good health.
50-foot Statue of the Divine Mercy
w/ Boyps' parents
Upon reaching the statue, we were asked to attend the briefing first if we want to go upstairs. Briefing is a prerequisite before anyone can go up to the statue. The speaker is an old retiree of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (if I’m not mistaken). He shared his experiences as a soldier and beliefs as a preacher. He also gave us instructions on what to do upon reaching the top. Going on top and facing the Blessed Sacrament is more of a “registration” to heaven. He said to avoid praying since it can be done everywhere. He also told us to not bring anything for it may be used by Satan for destructions.  These are just some of his words before we proceed. It just feels so good that I got the chance to enter His heart "literally". I felt peace and pure happiness even for just a while.

After the visit to the statue, I tried to drink their miracle water and whisper a prayer. We then lit our candle and finally bid goodbye to one of God's kingdom here on earth – the Shrine of the Divine Mercy.
Miracle Water
Before we leave, Boyps’ mom bought this. I don’t know its name but it’s delicious. It’s like a big cereal (or kirei the junk food) with caramelized sugar on top.
FYI: They are still doing some work on the Shrine. But I think the place can be used for pilgrimage / do Station of the Cross. Chapel is available; the 50-foot Divine Mercy statue is now open to public. Entrance is free.

Shrine of Divine Mercy
Cagayan de Oro