Coron Day 1: Hike to Mt. Tapyas and Maquinit Hot Spring

After having lunch, we had a short nap before we started with our activities. Itinerary for that day was to visit Mt. Tapyas and Maquinit Hot Spring.
First stop - Mt. Tapyas. Kuya Chris was our official tour guide for the entire trip. He brought us some bottled water and first aid kit because he knows that our destination was not easy to reach. We had to take 700+ steps in order for us to see another God’s best. We had several stops before we reached the top. Every hundred step gave us a glimpse of what we can see and about to see. Yes we were tired but really happy. We made it to the top! And it’s all worth it!
my solid companions! :)
The view was so breathtaking and the super huge cross was so overwhelming.
And of course, nothing beats sunset in the Philippines!
So after our very tiring and super sweating activity, our second destination was for relaxation – Maquinit Hot Spring. It was such a creepy ride going there. Our tricycle’s headlight is blinking along the very dark road with tall trees and sounds of kuliglig. Haha. Anyways, the hot spring is okay. Restroom is clean but there are lots of insects inside because it was slightly open on top. The water was really hot on our first dip but our body started to get used to it after staying a while.

I know there’s a lot more to see in Palawan so I’ll surely be back (actually malapit na akong bumalik uli :p).
Hainanese Delights

My friends Jerellt and Chod both said that they enjoyed eating at Hainanese Delights. A new branch has just opened near my place and there's no reason why I shouldn't try it. After watching Men in Black 3 (another super late post), we both decided to have dinner at Hainanese Delights.
House specialty is White Chicken Rice which is actually Singapore’s trademark dish. I’ve already been to Singapore and really didn’t enjoyed this much. Haha. I think I was able to try this thrice; once every visit. Haha. Di ko gusto yan a, pero try pa din ng try.
Soy sauce + Garlic + Chili
Here’s what we ordered:
Fried Chic Hainan Rice (Php 99) – served with a scoop of rice and a piece of chicken. The skin was so crispy and deliciously salty. The flavor was enriched when dipped in their dimsum sauce. I also added some chili to spice it up. My meal comes with a glass of Iced tea.
Soup with Porkchop  - the soup was just okay.  For me it tasted like Chowking’s Wanton Noodles. There is really nothing special in it but really not bad at all. It was the porkchop that we didn’t like much. It was bland and the breading was not crunchy. The taste would actually improve when dip with the tofu sauce or mixed with soup.
Tofu (Php 80) – this is the best. Haha. The tofu was cooked perfectly – it was crunchy outside but super soft inside. It tasted even better with their tofu sauce. Yummy!
Their serving was quite generous. The foods were also served neat and fast. The crews were also attentive to our requests.
Hainanese Delights
Ground Floor, SM Valenzuela
Valenzuela City

Coron Day 1: Lunch and Dinner
We were to choose what we want to avail for free on our first day - either lunch or afternoon snack (merienda). We arrived at Centro Coron past lunch time but too early for merienda so we chose the free lunch option. Since months have passed already, I might not be able to give exact description of the food we ate but I'm sure that we enjoyed it - if not all, well most of it.
For lunch, we got these:
 Tuna Belly 
Spicy grilled Liempo
I initially thought that we had to pay for our dinner but I was wrong! So after our tiring activities (will post a separate one), here's what we had for dinner:
I forgot the name :|
Chicken Inasal
Lumpiang Shanghai
So generous of them to give us a plate of Lumpiang shanghai. We didn't order this since we assumed that we can order 1 meal per person but they served this for free! Super thanks Centro Coron! Love it :)

Centro Coron
National Highway
Brgy 4, Coron Palawan

Centro Coron Bed and Breakfast
As mentioned in my introductory post, this vacation happened last September. Haha. I love taking pictures but not editing them. Placing them inside my template border is quite tedious. There might be an easier way but I still don't know how.
Anyway, we stayed in this house for 3 days and 2 nights. Price is really cheaper compared to other lodging houses we have inquired. We also got the fastest and clearest response from them to all our questions and needs.
Our package includes accommodation for 2 nights, round trip land transfers to and from airport, a tour to Mt. Tapyas and a dip to hot spring on our first day, and island hopping on the second day. It also includes lunch upon arrival and complete set of daily meals on the succeeding days. This costs us around 4K+ only.
Our room is quite bigger than my friend Jerellt. It was an air-conditioned room with 2 double bed, a cable TV, table with drawer, and bathroom with shower. The restroom is clean and quite spacious. Free toiletries like shampoo and toothpaste were also provided. What I also like about the restroom is that it has pail and water dipper. :p Madali ang buhay pag tinawag ng kalikasan :p

Haha.. Ab Rocket endoresment :p

I could say that this is the best “cheap lodging” ever. It was really cheap in price but definitely not in service, quality and hospitality (beyond extra ordinary!). From booking to everything, it’s all hassle-free. I really enjoyed my stay here. 
If you are looking for a place to sleep after all the tiring activities they’ve stored for you, a place where you’ll feel you’re a special guest and a place where food feast is always happening, then this is the best place to go – Centro Coron Bed and Breakfast.

Check this out too:

Centro Coron Bed and Breakfast
National Highway Barangay 4,
Coron Palawan

Conquering Coron
It has been months since this happened. I still haven't finished my entries but I'm done with the pictures. We booked a flight to Busuanga via Cebu Pacific and it costs us around 3500+ per head. Thanks to Centro Coron for taking good care of our itinerary and accommodation.
Breathtaking aerial shots:

 Busuanga airport does not have a luggage belt. Airport crews will just put your bags in the platform. 

I don't have much to say in this entry as I will be posting the entire adventure on separate entries. :)
When I was still working in Makati, I used to accompany Boyps in buying breakfast. Most of the time, we just go straight to Philam's food court and choose from a variety of stores in place. One time, we both decided to buy big siopao at Luchincy's. One for each. When I was about to eat it in my workstation, a friend told me that if I want big siopao, I should visit Masuki in Binondo. So this was the reason why we had another Binondo food trip. :) Quest for big siopaos. :p
I love restaurants / fast foods with just few menu options. It wouldn't be difficult for customers to choose what to eat. Masuki serves noodles and dimsum. We have asked the server what's their best seller and he recommended Beef Wonton Chicken Asado Mami (Php 190). With just its name, it looks like everything is in it. It has beef chunks, chicken strips, pork slices and wonton. The soup was hot and delicious. I put some sweet sauce in it to add sweetness to its salty taste. It was also served with spring onions. Our bowl is quite big and loaded with noodles and meat. I was just so happy when it was also served with another bowl of soup. Haha. It's like having two bowls but paying for 1. :) 
And since we came there for their big siopao, we ordered 1 Special Asado siopao (Php 80). The filling is a mixture of pork asado flakes, sliced chicken and salted egg. It wasn't as special and yummy as I expected but it was still good. Luchinsy's siopao was still bigger than Masuki's.

We enjoyed our experience in Masuki. If you want some noodles to warm your tummy, go visit Masuki. Just be careful when it rains because some of the rain water flows inside their store. 

Benavidez St.
Binondo Manila