Azalea Restaurant and Buffet Breakfast at One Tagaytay Place

We really had no plans on what to do / where to go for our Tagaytay hotel experience. It was time for dinner and we had no idea where to eat. Upon reaching the reception area, we thought of taking a glimpse of what Azalea Restaurant has to offer. The Mongolian buffet caught our attention but we still looked at their menu list before making a decision. After a short discussion, we all decided to try their Mongolian Buffet.

Mongolian Buffet is not new to me because I love Mongolian Quick Stop restaurant / fast food. The usual ingredients were found in the buffet table – from veggies to meat and seafood, noodles and rice, and different sauces. The buffet includes a glass of Ice Tea and soup. The soup was not creamy and taste bland.  I’m just sad that they didn't have ground peanuts. I usually put lots of it every time I prepare my bowl. Also, they don’t have a list / cheat sheet of sauces that we could put / combine to make our creations delicious.
Veggies: Carrots, red bell peppers, beans, bean sprouts etc.
Sauce: Oyster, Chili Garlic, Teriyaki, Sesame oil and more
Top left: pork, beef, shrimp, squid, oyster, fish balls (other bowls were empty)
So presenting, my "lagay lang ng lagay" dish. Hehe. Mine wasn’t as delicious as Boyps. His was more flavorful while mine was just okay. Haha. I really tried to remember the Sweet n’ Spicy sauce combination but I failed. Hihi
Boyps. He had two rounds of this. 

After dinner, we went back to our rooms for another TV marathon. Bwaha. What a LIFE! This was the first ever super relaxed trip I ever had with Je. I hope we can do this more often.. Next year. :p

Our room reservation included a buffet breakfast. Food was quite few and typical. 
The buffet table has salad station,
the bread and cereal section, the main breakfast meal station - scrambled eggs, danggit (dried fish), chicken adobo, tapa, plain and fried rice and desserts station.
Tapa and Chicken
I liked everything except the chicken – taste was too plain and boring. Food was just typical and nothing was outstanding except the bread plus the spread. I also enjoyed my Koko Crunch. Bwaha.

My first staycation was really fun. Sarcastic? No I’m not. I’m really looking forward to have lots of this on my next travel days. One TagaytayPlace gave me comfort, let me unwind and just stay in bed to watch TV and relax.


  1. Eto 'yung may masarap na pudding? :)

    1. uu dito yun :) wala kasi akong picture ng desserts.. bwahaha