Coron Day 2: Island Hopping Part 3
The last place we had visited was the Barracuda Lake. I guess this was the most exciting and terrifying part of the entire island hopping trip. We were so happy swimming and taking pictures when all of a sudden, our tour guide told my friend to not panic. We were not aware of what's happening until we heard that Kuya Chris saw a snake underwater! How can we not panic after hearing that! I almost even lost my slipper as it was removed from my feet - good thing it floated. :p We all rushed to stay away from the lake while the other group who just arrived said "ahas? maliit lang naman". Ok fine - go swim, just don't blame your tour guide when something bad happened to you. Kuya Chris told us that the snake was poisonous. Exciting right? But really scary.
Last stop: Barracuda Lake
What to do: swimming
And that officially ended our tour. We went back at Centro Coron just before sunset. It was such a fun fun island hopping!

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iLovetoBake: Playing with Fondant
I'm a frustrated baker. I so love to bake even if I'm losing money buying for ingredients and let everyone eat it for free. Hihi. But it's all worth it after hearing complements, suggestions and negative reactions. Yes you read it right, because it's helping me to improve my craft.
From now on, I will be posting my creations here - it may not be as presentable and perfect enough as a customer would want (sa ngayon) but I will continue to update you with the improvements I will be making. As the saying goes, Practice makes perfect!

Cupcake #1: Thomas the train - As always, I seek help from Google as how usually a Thomas the train cupcake would like. But a friend told me that it's a fake Thomas :p Haha.
Cupcake #2: Alien of Toy Story / Shrek / Pigs from Angry birds. Haha. I find it cute but I do admit that it's not the output that I expected it to be. Boyps and I did this together. Hihi.

Molding and playing with fondant is not easy. :| I'm not an artist but I'm really trying. It's difficult, messy but fun! 
I'm selling other sweet treats like cookies, brownies, cupcakes and native delicacies. Please like my page on facebook and visit my multiply site for more items and photos.

My Sweets' Haven
Soi - Eat Thai, Love Thai
FTFBadgeI've been eyeing this restaurant for quite some time. I was able to try thai food once when I was in Singapore and I could say that it was good - spicy and aromatic. Anyways, we're supposed to try Rai Rai Ken but we found out that Rob Manila branch has closed already. Boyps and I thought that it was a perfect timing to finally try this restaurant.

Sukothai (Php 278) – noodle soup topped with thin slices of meat, 2 pieces of meat balls, fried tofu, bean sprouts and lots of ground meat. It was flavorful (as in) because of the cilantro (not sure :|).  The waitress told us that it was a bit spicy but Boyps and I find it very sweet. But it was a good starter.
Bagoong Rice (Php 188) – perfectly salty fried rice with plenty of sides. It has small chunks of tocino, a slice of salted egg and lemon, thin slices of green mango, red and green chili and onion. This is a must –try dish. I guess this serving is more or less 2 cups of rice.

Fish Red Curry (Php 288) – fish fillet in curry sauce. This one has beaten me up. I love spicy and curry foods but I gave up after consuming my first fillet. The curry flavor is just so powerful. It wasn’t spicy but the aroma has won over me. It was indeed good. The problem is on me because Boyps was able to eat everything. Yung mga dahon ung nagpapalakas ng lasa. :|
Soi also serves appetizer - wonton chips and spicy peanuts. I so loved it. I even asked for a another set and the waiter gladly refilled the plate. It was a fun food trip experience.

Ground Level, Padre Faura Wing  
Robinsons Place
Coron Day 2: Island Hopping Part 2
Here's the continuation of our Island Hopping adventure in Coron.

Coral Garden: this is where lots of beautiful corals are situated. I didn't see much fish but I was really amazed how wonderful and colorful our underwater world is.  Our tour guide is so sweet to literally guide and pull us to the best coral spots. Our boat can't go near the corals so it won't be destroyed or damaged. Kuya Chris even picked out a dead, super big lobster. Haha
What  to do: snorkeling, swimming
Banol Beach: We just dropped by to see this place, more of a relaxation place. Fine and white sand plus crystal clear water – it's what everybody wants in a beach.
What to do: swimming
Twin Lagoon: We had the longest waiting time in this area. There are a lot of boats in the area waiting for a parking space near the lagoon. So what we did instead was to swim so we can overtake the boats and enter the lagoon. Hihi. I was a bit scared since the water is really deep. Super dilim sa ilalim :| So we are warned to be careful of our stuffs since there's no chance that we can get it back once it fell onto the water. There are 2 options in entering the lagoon, either under (swim under) or over (walk over via stairs) the lagoon.
What to do: swimming

Coron Day 2: Island Hopping Part 1

photos taken using Boyps' camera except the underwater shots.

Ya Kun Kaya Toast
It feels good to work in a place where mall is just walking distance. I told Boyps, that every Friday, if our time and budget permit; we should try new restaurants in MOA. So last Jun 1, we had our dinner at Ya Kun Kaya Toast. I’ve wanted to try this ever since I read it in my friend’s blog. We were just passing by the place and we saw that they serve a soup dish. Sakto, Boyps wanted to have noodles for dinner.

Here’s what we ordered:

Kaya Toast with Butter (Php 115) – I was surprised when this was served. Two small sandwiches with 1 soft boiled egg. The sandwich was filled with coco jam and a block of butter. I didn’t like it on my first bite but fell in love with it on the succeeding bites. I like the combination of the jam and butter plus the soft boiled egg on top. Haha. I added some salt and sauce to the egg to make it more tasty.

Porkrib Noodle Soup (Php 158) – noodle soup with chunks of meat and veggies. Add some spicy sauce and it's good to go. Ang sarap ng may hagod ng konti sa lalamunan.

We were just the only customers that night so service was really fast. Sino ba naman kasi mag dinner ng bread sa gabi. :p Food was a bit pricey, ambiance was just okay. I would still want to go back and try other sandwiches but maybe for breakfast

Ya Kun Kaya Toast
SM Mall of Asia
North Parking Bldg, Ocean Drive
Pasay City
Coron Day 2: Island Hopping Part 1

This is the most exciting part of our tour – Island Hopping! We are all set and excited to see the wonders of Palawan.
First stop: Siete Picados. 7 rock formations sitting beside each other.
What to do: swimming, snorkeling and fish feeding.
Second stop: Kayangan Lake. This is the trade mark of Coron. I used to see this on post cards and blog sites and I'm just so happy to finally see it with my own two eyes. We had taken several narrow and quite slippery steps in order to have a better view of the lake. 
What to do: swimming
Our tour guide also prepared snack for us. :) The tuna spread was really delicious. If I remember it right, I ate 3 slices of bread. :p
Third stop: Atuwayan Beach. This is where we had our lunch and rested for a while. There are few cottages available for tourist to sit in and mostly (I guess all) are occupied already.
What to do: swimming
Here's our lunch prepared by Centro Coron - super delicioso:
Super daming hipon!!! :D

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Photos taken using Boyps' camera except the underwater shots.
Sakae Sushi
Boyps was so curious about this. Every time we passed by Sakae Sushi, we always stop by to check the sushi and maki on their rotating table. I’m not a fan of sushi but I love maki. We were both hesitant at first since we really don’t have any idea if the variety is enough to have a super sulit dining experience. One Saturday, after our swimming exercise, we both agreed to try their buffet. Sayang ang exercise :p
Their buffet is Php 399 and it includes miso soup and bottomless hot / cold green tea. The miso soup was extremely delicious. I maybe overreacting but it was really the best miso soup I have ever tasted. The flavor and aroma were perfect. How I wish the buffet also comes with unlimited soup refill. Hihi.
Anyways, here are some pictures of what we have picked from their sushi bar:
 Corn - favorite #1
 Tuna - favorite #2
The pink plates are the expensive one. Yummy indeed!
just okay
errrrrr.... :|
Our goal was just to eat more than the worth of the buffet price and we succeeded. We gave up after eating 15 plates. I even had difficulty walking. I got so full. L The maki we have tried were all delightful. But some of the maki have the same taste, they only differ in filling. I enjoyed the experience but it’s not something that I would love to go back to. :)

Robinsons Place
Padre Faura Wing,
Ermita, Manila