Peri – Peri Charcoal Chicken
[Another backlog - food trip happened last May 7].
Since Tita is only spending a month-long vacation here in Manila, Boyps makes our "Saturdate" extra special. We had lunch at Peri - Peri Restaurant and its his treat. We’ve been to this restaurant for the nth time and it has already become 1 of our favorites for 2 reasons – they serve delicious chicken for a price that is truly affordable and provide good customer service. Upon entrance, the crew will welcome you by saying “Ola Señor, Señora” and will direct you to your seat.  Here’s what we got:
3 orders of ¼ chicken with rice meal. There are 3 flavors you can choose from - Lemon and garlic, mild spicy and hot and spicy (I’m not sure of the last). Tita and I ordered mild spicy while Bopys wanted Lemon and garlic. Chicken is juicy and flavorful. 
Unlimited soup and Drinks – just add 49 pesos to your chicken meal to avail this offer. Their soup is tasteless and watery. Their juices are so-so. Just don't expect much on this. :)
Sizzling Chicken Fajita served with vegetables, 2 sauces and bread. I liked this. It’s spicy and tastes as if a lot of spices / herbs were added to it. I ate it this way:  Place the chicken on top of the bread, put on some veggies, top with sauces, roll then eat!. Haha. 
I must say that this is a must-try resto. I hope you'll enjoy their food as much as we did. :)

Peri - Peri Restaurant
The Annex
SM City North Edsa

Trippings with Hot and Cold from South to North
This blog entry happened last Apr 30. Haha. I've been busy and lazy lately that I almost forgot that I have a blog to maintain. Hehe.
It was another Saturday again with Boyps and his mom. We are scheduled to go to Divisoria to accompany tita in buying pasalubongs for her relatives in the province. We were there at around 10 in the morning and finished shopping at 2 pm. It’s past lunch time but the common "where to eat" problem has already been resolved. J

We thought of coming back to Sincerity since we were not satisfied with the food we eat on our 1st visit.  Here’s what we ordered:

Sincerity’s Fried Chicken – a house specialty. It’s juicy on the inside but not so crispy on the outside.
Fish ball Soup – the soup was good and served hot. Its fish balls have meat inside that made it different from other fish ball soups.
I got sausage fried rice – typical fried rice with generous slices of sausages.
Shanghai fried rice and Kiampong for Boyps. Kiampong is a fried rice (quite sticky) with nuts, veggies and meat. This is yummy and really one of my favorites.
Machang for his mother. Machang is made up of glutinous rice mixed with some meat inside wrapped in a banana leaf. It tastes and looks like suman.
We only had few dishes on the table but we ended up so full after eating all of it. Manila Adventure will never be complete without having a Binondo trip. J

Binondo Manila
Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

After our Binondo trip, we headed to Robinson’s Manila to continue with Tita’s shopping spree. After an hour and a half of walking, we went to Coffee Bean and Tea leaf for a coffee break. Ever since I tried their Caramel frap, I just found myself addicted to CBTF fraps. This time, I got their White Chocolate Dream Latte.
Another must try frap in this coffee shop. It’s a white chocolate mixed with espresso and topped with a whip. I also got a slice of cheesecake to pair up with our drinks.

After this, I went to SM North Edsa for some personal business. J It was a tiring day though but it was another fun Saturday with Boyps and his mom.

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
Robinsons Place Manila