Healthy Shabu – Shabu

According to wiki, shabu shabu is a Japanese variant of hot pot. You’ll be given a casserole filled with stock, then a vegetable platter and chosen meat. Meat can be chicken, pork, beef, seafood or combined.

It was another Saturday but Boyps is still sick. It was me who insisted to go out and dine in a Shabu Shabu restaurant just to have a hot and plenty of serving of soup. 
Whenever we eat in a shabu - shabu restaurant, we just order 1 individual set and a rice meal. So here’s what we got:
Chicken Individual Set (Php 295) – Thin slices of chicken served with vegetable platter. It tasted so good because it was me who cooked. Bwaha :p Boyps also noticed how clean my area was after cooking. He usually mess around every time he cooks. The soup has flavor already and sauces are provided. It’s like just putting all the veggies, meat and sauces to the stock. By the way, the egg yolk is added in the sauce while the egg white is mixed with the stock. 
Beef Rice (Php 195) – I’m not sure if we placed a wrong order but the food is different from the picture in the menu list. Hehe. Anyway, it was just ok. Beef was not elastic; sauce is kind of sweet. This one has more flavor than Nemoto’s.

Healthy Shabu – Shabu
Robinsons Ermita
Nemoto Restaurant
We've been here twice. Quite funny though because Boyps was sick on our 1st visit, and it was me on the 2nd. All we wanted was to eat soup and the only restaurant that we can think of that is located in Buendia is Nemoto - a Japanese restaurant. 
Every time we pass through this restaurant, we both sneak to look what’s inside. Boyps find it like a mafia place. He said “the one you would see in Chinese movies wherein the fight scenes are done in a wooden restaurant”. Most of their customers are foreigners. I just find everything so old but cute. They have lanterns inside, wooden chairs and tables and comic books that are for sale / rent (assuming :p).
Here’s what we got on our 1st visit:
California Maki - Php 184.80 - It's typical. Nothing so special but I still liked it. Hehe
Miso Ramen – Php 212.80 – This is flavorful. “Lasang – lasang Miso” :p It has egg, bean sprouts, vegetables and ground meat. Good for Boyps as he really needs soup that day.
Gyoza – Php 114.24 – Just like Maki, nothing special but still delicious.

2nd visit:
Tempura Udon – Php 218.40 – Another must try soup. Boyps said “this tastes like tempura sauce”. It has shrimps, mushrooms and vegetables. Serving is smaller as compared to Ramen. 
Gyudon (Beef toppings) – Php 192.64. Their version is quite sweet. Boyps said “hirap i-cut nung beef pero di naman sumasabit sa teeth :p
We also got free pineapple for dessert on our 1st visit. Nice! J Overall, we like our experience at Nemoto. Service is good, waitresses are attentive; pricing is quite unusual because of the cents. I’m glad that we finally risked and tried it. We'll surely be back J

Nemoto Restaurant
Buendia Ave.
Pasay Manila.