I gained a new friend – Juber, and he had been joining us every lunch out Fridays. But unfortunately, he has already transferred to a new company and if I’m not mistaken, this is one of his “last lunches” with us.  Being with him means that we only have to spend up to P150 for our food and another P100 for our Chatime / Happy Lemon moments. Tipid sa food pero hindi sa Milk Tea. Haha.
While I was browsing for some deal sites, I saw Ebun and Mangan offering good deals. We only paid P600 for P1000 worth of food purchase. And since we are a group of four, the cost is within our budget. I placed the reservation and availed the voucher the day after.
There were not much guests when we arrived so we were immediately seated and assisted. We quickly placed our orders and continue chatting while waiting. Ebun is serving complimenraty peanuts and chips and I liked it because it's not too salty.
So here’s what we had for lunch. J
Pork Sisig (Php 250) is one of the restaurant’s specialties. It’s a combination of both pig’s belly and ears. The meat was crunchy and not too oily. I guess it’s only Lareina who did not like it because she doesn’t really eat Sisig (sorry girl K). In-unfriend niya ako dahil pinilit ko siyang kumain. :p
Laing (Php 200) is a dish made of taro leaves cooked in coconut milk. I was expecting this to be a hit but it wasn’t. We’re all disappointed because it tasted so weird. I thought it was “panis” but Manne said that it might be the coconut milk that gave the dish that weird taste.
Roasted Pork Humba (Php 280) is a sweet version of adobo. Everyone enjoyed this simply because of the taste plus the meat was really soft and tender.
We still have P100+left so we ordered deseerts. We ordered Leche Flan and Ginataang Monggo. The first one was just so-so while the latter was good and not too sweet. Nakakamiss itong merienda na ‘to.

G/F Entertainment Mall
SM Mall of Asia

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