It was dinner time already when we finished dressing up ourselves after using the swimming pool of Richmonde Hotel. We wanted to eat at the hotel’s restaurant but everyone looked so formal (I’m wearing shorts) so we decided to just eat out. We were supposed to just buy a Subway sandwich at Podium but the adjacent fast food caught my attention.
Madeca is serving Filipino and Mexican food like burritos, tacos, burgers, Sisig and Lechon kawali rice meals and more.
After ordering at the counter, we were given this cute and unique queue number. After we got our seats, drinks were served as well.
I tried their Salpicao Burrito (Php255) and Boyps got to try their Burger with Chips, Salsa and sour cream sauce. I love my burrito so much. Aside from the fact that it was bigger than Army Navy’s, it has more meat filling too. The combination of flavors coming from the rice, the sauce and meat were so good. It tastes even better when drizzled with Salsa. 
Boyps Burger (Php245) tastes good too. It was juicy and not too oily. There’s only one thing that Boyps noticed while he was eating, the meat are falling apart after each bite. I don’t know what it means and why it was like that but the terms he used “parang sumasabog lang ung patty”. But even if it’s like that, I believe Boyps enjoyed his burger. 
Both meals was served with chips (a bit salty) that's best eaten when dip in their Sour cream sauce.
After eating, we still bought a sandwich from Subway. Haha. We just really wanted to eat a sandwich that day but since we are full, we just ate it the next day. ;)

5th Level, The Podium
Mandaluyong City
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