Army Navy – The Repeat
Our first experience was at Army Navy Taft. The 2nd was a delivery and our 3rd was at Dela Rosa Makati. So far, we’ve only enjoyed the 1st and 3rd because we both had burritos during these visits. We had burger on our 2nd  but we didn't enjoyed it as much as we did with their Burritos. 
Army Navy’s Burrito is bigger as compared to Mexican Express’. Only 1 size is available but with more variations. Customers can select from Chicken, Vegetable, Pork and Steak. They serve their burrito with salsa and a slice of lemon.
One Friday night, here's what we had for dinner:

Chicken Burrito – (Php 145) – has Spanish rice, chicken strips, onions, lettuce and cilantro wrapped in a tortilla. You can squeeze some lemon and put in some sauce (a bit spicy) to add more flavor to your burrito.  I’m just not sure what their sauce is but it tastes like the one used for Shawarma. Their Salsa is the best. It’s sweet, sour and spicy. Since it’s very loaded, it’s quite messy to eat. I got so full without finishing my Burrito but Boyps still feels hungry. :p 
Tortilla - (Php 35) + Cheese Dip (Php 20) – The tortilla is plain so cheese is a must to add flavor to it. But you can use salsa if you want to. Boyps didn’t like this as much as I did. But I saw him picking on it while I’m still enjoying my Burrito. :p
Ice Tea - (Php 55) - my favorite Iced Tea. Haha. According to their poster, it's made up of freshly brewed tea. But I think the one we had has really strong flavor of tea - not exactly the same as what we had in Army Navy Taft. This sometimes makes me think that different branches have different taste of food and drink.

I would always want to go back to Army Navy if I'm craving for a Burrito. But I'm still hoping that we would be able to find a branch where we can eat a delicious burger. I've been reading and hearing good reviews about Army Navy's burger so I'm still not giving up. :p

Army Navy Burger + Burrito
Dela Rosa Tower 1
Solaris Bldg. Dela Rosa
Makati City

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