[Another late post]
It was another Friday for my girlfriends and me so we’re off for another lunch out. Manne was sick during that time so she preferred to eat in a place that serves any soupy dishes. One rule that we stick on to is that, we can’t eat in a fancy restaurant if it’s not payday yet (fancy na pag gagastos ng P300+). We are running out of affordable restaurants in mind until I suggested Abe. Manne and I were both first-timers and Lareina keeps on telling us that we should try the Lamb Adobo. Upon checking the menu, I knew that we will be breaking the rule. Bwaha. Since we wanted to have soup, we skipped the adobo and ordered Sinigang na Boneless Bangus Fillet with ripe guava (P399) instead. 
Guava used in Sinigang is not new to me. But I was really surprised when it was served and after taking my first sip. The sauce was really thick and it tastes sweeter than sour. The guava flavor was really evident. But I just find it too sweet. Actually, parang wala ng asim. Haha. It has generous large cuts of fish fillet too. It was good. I liked it. But I guess the thickness of the soup and the flavor were not proper for a sick person. We both agreed that it was like a hot guava shake. :p Lareina and I were expecting Manne to consume almost all of it but we’re wrong. Di niya type! Eh siya ang dahilan kaya may sinigang. :p <peace Manne>
We also ordered Bicol Express (P265). When this was served, we were all looking for the meat but there’s none. So we requested for the menu to check the description and found out that it was a vegetable Bicol Express. Haha. It was another healthy dish on the table. Combination of string beans, ampalaya, squash and eggplant cooked with coconut milk. I enjoyed it even if there’s no meat though it was not as spicy as I’m expecting it.
Here’s the funny part of the experience. We thought that it will be cheaper to order fried rice than 3 cups of plain rice. So when we saw Crispy Shrimp Binondo (P195) on the rice section of the menu, we included in our order list. Parang kanin pa lang ulam na ang peg. So when it was served, the rice was placed inside a bamboo while the shrimps were on a separate plate. We were really enjoying the rice because it was so delicious.  As in sobrang nasarapan kaming tatlo! The salted shrimps were crispy too. We keep on dipping it to their house vinegar and mix it with the rice and it was perfect.
Not until we ask for the bill. We were surprise to see another dish on the list and it was the rice (limot ko na name). We were all laughing out loud because what we enjoyed the most was actually not part of our ordered dishes. Haha. In short, iba ung kanin at ung shrimp. Bwaha. And the most surprising part is that we have to pay P1000+ for everything that was served on our table plus the service charge. Haha.

Nevertheless, it was such a funny experience. Their slogan is right – “Abe is the place where good friends dine”. Haha. I would still want to go back and try their Lamb Adobo. J

2/F Entertainment Mall
SM Mall of Asia


  1. Nakita ko pa lang ang title natawa na ko... Be back for the Lamb Adobo... Yun lang tska yung kanin ayos na... :D But infairness must try nmn pa din yung Abe!

  2. ay! I want the rice!!!! :)